15 April, 2012

Legally Married by Law :)

Legally married by law...

Last month, on the 22 of March 2012 me and Mr. M registered our marriage at Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara. I should have shared that moment earlier but so many things need to be taken care of. Anyway, here is our wedding registration in the KadazanDusun traditional costume...

Blessing at the church and reception will be this coming Saturday. Suddenly I feel so nervous, I just hope that everything will went well as we plan...

If you happen to live around Kota Kinabalu, do welcome to our wedding mass and thereafter to our reception. Contact me by email or simply drop your email at comment box so I can give you the details :)

Our happy face...haha


  1. How I wish I could attend the wedding reception, Jane! Anyway, congrats to both of u! Cpt2 produce lil M or lil J! Hehhehee..

  2. Congratulation!! look beautiful..

  3. Waa..Tahniah...D mana ko kahwin...

  4. Congratulation again!!!! Berbahagialah sehingga ke anak cucu :D

  5. tak sabar mau tengok gambar dgn gown putih pulak! ;D

  6. Lambat crita pula sya ni. Tu la lama nda melawat blog ko. Anyway, CONGRATS!!! God bless.

  7. Congrates.. I'm blogwalking actually.. do come and visit my blog k.. and Probably follow me?? (please2) ok, tq and see u..


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