02 June, 2011

Join My Sabah Vacation Contest

Sabahan Bloggers Club is organizing a contest. Join My Sabah Vacation Contest, you could win up to RM250 worth of items in this contest. My sabah vacation contest will start from 1 June to 30 June 2011. All you need to do is just send to us your Sabah vacation picture to, we will upload it to our Facebook page; The winner will be choosen based on the most Facebook Like. All Malaysian are invited to join this contest. Only one picture is allowed for one person.

First Place:
1xRM100 top-up (Celcom, Digi or Maxis) and a collection of novels, such as in the picture.

Second Place:
1xRM50 top-up (Celcom, Digi or Maxis) and a collection of novels, such as in the picture.

Third Place:
1xRM10 top-up (Celcom, Digi or Maxis) and Kitty Journal 1xHello as in this picture. (3 winners).

RM30 extra top-up (Celcom, Digi or Maxis) to members who receive the highest LIKE.

What you need to do?

Go to My Sabah Vacation Contest for term and conditions

Good Luck :)

PS : The first and second prizes really makes my eyes rolling (~~), but I cannot, banned, disqualified from joining this contest (sobbing)


If I have the chance to join this contest, I will post the picture below during our happy time enjoying the Pelian Fish Massage at Kampung Luanti Ranau. Please LIKE...hehehe (^_^)


  1. Hahahaha, sy tulung like a mandak? hehehe..

  2. 2minggu lagi baru nk ke Sabah, so how? hehehe. bagi yg dah pergi lah join dulu :)

  3. the prizes. Well I must have a good pictures then..sob sob..

  4. saya pun nak....bagi saya je...hehehe

  5. pics yg tiada muka touristnya buli juga ka?


    You still can join the contest...

    If you have never been to Sabah, you are allowed to send your picture with the flag of Sabah.


  7. @nc

    Bah, mari kita kasi ramai-ramai...hehehe

  8. @de engineur

    Boleh :) Yang penting gambar tersebut adalah hak milik sendiri.

    Anyway, please make sure...
    *Must have people (family, friends etc) in the picture with Sabah Interesting places.


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