06 June, 2011

Of Jeruk Nenas And Ramblings...

Sumandak in the house :)

How are you doing today, think you survive Monday? hahaha...I have a confession to make, I am craving for Jeruk Nenas right now! Anyone out there have the same feeling? (~~)

They definitely have the same feeling with me...hahaha

First of all, thanks for taking time reading My Sabah Vacation Contest. I hope everyone of you can join it since the contest is very easy :) All you have to do is send one of your interesting picture while travel in Sabah or for those who doesn't set foot in Sabah yet, you still can join the contest (don't worry). Just send your picture with the flag of Sabah. Pretty easy, isn't it? After that, ask your friends, families or the whole world to LIKE the picture (^___^). The highest LIKE will be announced as the winner and of course, you have to have Facebook account for that...hehehe

Next... (the feeling become stronger, kobihis...astaga!)

For those who are interested or want to win a hosting, this is your chance :) Read Sabahan Bloggers Club June 2011 Giveaway. Make an entry about the giveaway, the most creative and original will become the winner and guess who is the judges ----------- the boss of SBC, Zezebel and Sumandak Kinabalu (hehehehe). Join the giveaway, send me books and I will take care about your participation...hahahahahahaha! Orait, I was just kidding (coughing) --- Bribery is strictly forbidden :)

Orait, don't want to talk more about it (Jeruk Nenas! Jeruk Nenas!). After all, I already mention it in my previous entry. I just want to highlight it, in case you miss the chance...hehehe  

Last month I have this short trip to Kuching....yayyy!! I was supposed to write about it but couldn't find the right time (sobbing). Seriously, I want to write it in a crazy style because finally Sumandak Kinabalu got the chance flying high to the sky (hohohoho). My friend said, I should consider it as my birthday present....Yes, it was definitely the best birthday present from myself to myself :)  

Oraits, lets share this...hahaha

Got to go...till next post


  1. tulah....macam sedap giler.....

  2. kat sini memang tak susah nak cari rojak atau jeruk nenas coz ia akan datang sendiri dengan motor roda 3...

    hye jane..lama tak bersua.

  3. Sedap tu jeruk nanas! Tapi sa inda begitu kalau nanas, sekarang sa mau makan yang mangga2 pula ni. Hehe..

  4. Masam. nda suka, tambah sakit perut saya nanti...

  5. That big nenas i think is in pekan nabalu. Ngam? We have big nenas in Donggongon too

  6. Halamak..... Molon-tolon lagi kak nampak tu nenas.....:D

  7. Emm...terus asam2 ni mulut rasa bah hahha...tambah lada and kicap..feel like heaven Monday?? I have a Monday mood yesterday..lazy hehe..

  8. takut sama nenas nnt batuk2. heheheh...
    waa.. diam2 ko pigi kuching aa Jane! Blog la pa lg..

  9. "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea"

    Tau lagu apa tu...?

  10. Biasa kalu makan jeruk must be associate dengan someone else in......?????


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