03 March, 2010

Reducing Plastic Usage - A Mountain To Climb

:: Plastic Bag Nightmare ::

IT is not uncommon these days to see consumers lugging up to 10 plastic bags containing purchases at the end of each supermarket visit. 

No doubt, these bags are usually recycled at home for various purposes from lining garbage bins to use as makeshift gloves for removing waste materials around the house. 

However, one thing is certain - these bags are fated to eventually end up in the dumpsites where, being non-biodegradable, their chemical composition would assure that they remain on this planet long after we have gone. 

Some are thrown into drains and end up in the ocean where they choke and kill turtles who mistake them for jelly fish, their favourite food. 


The plastic bag that we know of today was introduced in 1957 as a sandwich bag. It began to gradually replace the traditional brown paper bag and, following demand as a bag of convenience by retailing giants, the switch to these bags began in 1970s. 

Plastics became a popular means of packaging when introduced to the supermarket industry as an alternative to paper sacks in 1977. 

Source : Daily Express
Credit To Avila Geraldine Samuel
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