17 August, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : The Summit Trail

Chayo-chayo Mr. M...You can do it (hahaha)

Wordless Wednesday : The Summit Trail

This is only a preview
stay tuned for the full coverage...hehehe

05 August, 2011

The Climb

Event : The Climb via Summit Trail 
Venue : Mount Kinabalu, Kundasang
Date : 15 July 2011 - 16 July 2011 

Sumandak in the house...

I know its been like ages since the last update...hahaha! What can I do, I am not a superwoman (~~) Moreover, we are in the fasting month right now. I am not Muslim, still I am fasting too because all of my colleagues are Muslim. That is not the only reason. I've been practicing it for 6 years now and I tell you, I learn a lot from it. Yes it was very challenging, but think about doesn't matter if we hungry and thirsty all day because we know that by the end of day we always have something on our table. But how about the others who is not lucky enough...I mean those who do not have anything to eat. Like the Somalian people which hit by was really heart breaking especially for the children (sigh)

Alright, enough of that. I don't want to ruin your beautiful day :) Let's go back to the main point...

Our orang kuat, I mean the organizer for The Climb :)

As you know, last month me an the team had this climb and conquer Mount Kinabalu via the Summit Trail. For your information, they are two trails to climb Mount Kinabalu. One is the Summit Trail which start at the Timpohon gate and another one is the Mesilau Trail start from the Mesilau Nature Resort. A little advice, if it your first attempt climbing the mountain I suggest you take the Summit Trail (Timpohon gate - Laban Rata = 6KM) as it has shorter distance compare to Mesilau Trail (Mesilau Resort - Laban Rata = 8KM). 

Suggestion only okay, it is up to you which trail you want to take :) For they said Mesilau Trail offer nicer view and less crowded. 

Briefing by the guide leader

See...everyone is paying attention :)

Sumandak Kinabalu and the mysterious Mr. M (hahahahaha)

At the Timpohon gate, guide will give briefings before starting the climb. What you can do and don'ts along the way. Sound simple but honestly you have to pay attention what they want to say. Mount Kinabalu maybe one of the easiest peaks in the world to conquer and climbers don't need any experience at mountain climbing but seriously never underestimate the mountain! 

After the briefing, we are very excited to start the expedition and here we go...      

Departure from the Timpohon gate, everyone still fully charged...hahaha

Credit to Dorisj Sitaun for the pictures. You can see more amazing pictures by Dorisj on Flickr (

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