28 April, 2011

Sumazau Mingkung

Sumazau Dance

View The First Dance of Newly-Weds

Kota Kinabalu: Most Sabahans may think they have seen it all - the Kadazan Sumazau dance. But what about a specific dance called Sumazau mingkung - the first dance together for newly weds?
That could be new for many attending the Sabah Fest 2011 cultural extravaganza on April 30 and 1 May, at the Sutera Harbour Magellan Grand Ballroom.
For Kadazans of Penampang, the Sumazau Mingkung is a specific dance performed especially as a tribute to a newly-married couple.
On wedding day, the groom heads for the bride's house in a procession with the bridewealth (nopung) on hand.
On arrival, gongs beat and the nopung is taken from him, the bride appears at the entrance and the bobohizan (ritual specialist) uses a popodu - a bunch of five types of leaves to sprinkle water to perform a ritual called vokis, to bless the newly weds.
After the blessing, the couple place a foot each on a round stone called pampang at the bottom of the stairs while the bobohizan symbolically holds the conical hats called seraung, over their heads.
The stone and the hats symbolize strong and lasting marriage while the hats represent shields to protect them from evil on wedding day and thereafter.
After a few short mantras, the bobohizan would then enter the house.
In the house, the couple performs their first Sumazau dance together as a married couple with the bobohizan and other elders surrounding them, performing that specific dance called Sumazau mingkung.
After that first dance, relatives and guests are invited to join in.
This is the unique dance and ceremony the Sabah Fest audience will see on 30 April and 1 May.
Tickets are priced RM30 and RM50.
Call Sabah Tourism , Gaya Street 6088-212121 or Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sinsuran, 6088-232121.
(source : Daily Express)

This Sumazau Mingkung dance is new to me and I am sure for most of the Sabahan too. I am wondering how this dance look like, is it the same step with  the Sumazau? The picture above is not Sumazau Mingkung dance. I try to Google it but found none. So, the only way to satisfy the curiosity is to attend the Sabah Fest 2011 event at the Sutera Harbour Magellan Grand Ballroom.
Or maybe there are someone out there familiar with this traditional dance. If yes, please share it here...
Interesting...isn't it? We read, watch, learn and think we know all about our culture, tradition or tribe but the truth is there are so many things still uncover. The deeper we dig, the more we want to know. It is not a force for us to learn and know our own culture but it is more to responsibility to prevent the culture lost in time...

20 April, 2011

Missing From The Radar

Sumandak in the house :)

I am missing from the radar. Did you all miss me? hahaha...
I know its been ages I didn't do a blogwalking, let alone updating my blog (hohoho). What can I work really demand my full attention until there is a time I think it was eating me alive! Not to mention the stress...Seriously, I nearly give up! If only I can 'walk out' just like that but it is not that easy. So many things have to consider and if I tell you some of the 'things', seriously you will faint! But I am a grown up, in a few days the number will transform from 2 to 3...hahahaha. So I am going to face my journey of life like a grown up lah, what else :) Thank God my family, friends and Mr. M always give me the encouragement that I need and best of all...LOVE.

Orait, I have something to tell you...I have a new home and it is still in renovation but you can have a sneak peek if you want to (hahaha). After blogging for over 1 year, I think it is time for me to have my own domain (~~). Some of you maybe wondering why not buy a domain for, I day :) That doesn't mean I am going to abandon this blog. Big NO. I will still update it but not as frequently as before...furthermore, I will re-brand this blog (when I have time). My friend said "lari tajuk sudah bah" hahaha... 

Working and blogging with 2 blogs to manage surely will make my life sounds like OMG (hahaha) anyway I am ready for the challenge... 

Sneak peek for the new home here

14 April, 2011

Dream World Resort, Kundasang

Welcome to Dream World Resort, Kundasang. If you want to experience a place amidst the clouds, you are in the right place. Perfectly located on the Sinar Hill, you can see the majestic Mount Kinabalu and the whole Kundasang Valley from the top. Fresh air, fantastic personal words are OMG this is heaven! However, I cannot capture the proud mountain that day because it was hiding inside the thick mist (~~)

We went here last February during Chinese New Year holidays. Not to plan staying for a night at the resort but just want to explore Kundasang with relatives. Yes, I was born here but the fact is there are many places I never set my foot yet! Can you believe that? hahaha...

Okay, back to the Dream Resort story. Details including room rates, how rooms looks like, how to go here and more, go straight to beautifulkk website. Frankly speaking, rooms are quite pricey but believe me it worths to be here. According to the Dream World, Kundasang Official Website there are 5 chalets available for bookings. I can see in their map that one is in the making, which means there will be 6 chalets in the future. You have to do a little walking to reach some of the chalets. By the way in case you are bringing lots of luggage during your holidays here, you don't have to worry because most of the rooms are accessible by vehicles (the road is a little bit steep for me who is afraid of height...hahaha).

The resort also provide function room to hold meetings, seminars or brain storming sessions. Imagine this...peaceful environment, full display Mount Kinabalu outside...what a perfect place to encourage someone to storm out some brilliant opinions or ideas :)

Dream World Resort also a great place to take picture. The landscape alone can inspired for those who loves taking pictures. From the waterfall garden, the giant steps, colorful flowers around, the view of Kundasang Valley, majestic Mount Kinabalu, clear blue that not enough to inspire you? Just look at us....hahahaha

What can I say, this resort truly a place amidst the clouds. If you want to believe it, you have to experience it. So, next time you went to Kundasang don't forget to stop by at Dream World Resort. Perhaps you want to enjoy the scenery at the restaurant deck while sipping your tea...

07 April, 2011

Mompisok, KadazanDusun Death Ritual

Hello everyone, today I would like to share our tradition mompisok the KadazanDusun death ritual. Before you read more, I would like to remind that this story is for sharing purpose only and I don't have any intention to force anyone to believe it. 

The original idea for this writing comes from my sister Just, so all the credit are hers :)

According to the KadazanDusun beliefs in a long time ago before they had follow or embrace any religion, they are practicing mompisok in a death ritual.

After burying the dead body, 6 days later which is call malam ketujuh (the seventh night) mompisok will be made by the family member. Mompisok means to turn off the light where someone will call and welcoming the dead spirit on that night.

My sister Just interview with an old lady…
Mompisok can remind people about death. Calling the dead spirit and family members will ask the spirit to take all his/her belongings during his/her was still alive. The family members also will ask the dead spirit not to disturb the family, but leave and be good where ever the dead spirit go.

The old lady asks my sister Just, “do you believe that the spirit will coming back?” Some had tell me, if you see them then you would believe it but then it is up to you whether you want to believe it or not. The old lady said, there are some people who can see or sense their presence. According to these peoples, their look does not change. Only the dead one will not lift their faces.

I myself had experience a couple of times this mompisok ceremony, once during the death of my great-grandmother (father’s side). On the seventh night, an adequate of ashes placed near the deceased’s belongings. After that, all the lights switched off and in the darkness someone will begin the ceremony by calling the spirit.

I must admit, it was very creepy and the silent also unbearable. No one dared to make a sound let alone a movement. In my mind, if I make even a slight movement the spirit will spot me, instantly jump at me and bring me to the unknown world. Haha…don’t blame me, I was only a child at that time.

When the lights went on, everyone especially the grown up quickly checked the ashes that been placed near the deceased’s belongings. Actually they want to see if the spirit had leaved evidence there. Something likes footprints, fingerprints or whatsoever. I still remember I had peeked on that ashes and yes I saw something on it. But please forgive me, I may be a child at that time still the moment is personal to me so I won’t share it here.

Mompisok usually will end with many thanks to those who had come that night. For your information, the KadazanDusun is still practice this kind of ceremony but it is more to Adat (traditions). Nothing more, nothing less I guess, since nowadays most of us already embrace a religion. In our area, we still practice the ceremony. But instead of switching the lights off on the seventh day, we replace it by a mass prayer.

So, that is a story I want to share with you about death rituals according to the KadazanDusun tradition. The ritual could be a little bit different by area including the name, here we call it moginturu but its purpose remains the same. I believe some of you especially the Sabahan familiar to this ritual. Perhaps, you can share your experience?

(pictures are from Google)

06 April, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Mount Kinabalu

Wordless Wednesday : Mount Kinabalu

PS : I already conquered the peak, how about you? 
And we are planning the second trip this July :)

02 April, 2011

RON97 Petrol Prices Increase Again

Mr. Turtle, RON97 prices increase again. What say you?

According to a credible source, RON97 petrol prices increase again starting tonight (or is it last night?). The new price is RM2.70 per liter (@@). If you want to confirm it, just go to the nearest fuel station (hehe). I wonder how Mr. M will react to this news and I cannot wait to break the news to him first thing in the morning (hahahaha). Before this, I asked him hundreds of times, what is wrong with RON95 petrol? I mean RON97 price is already sky rocket but he still refuse to use RON95. 

Man, always know how to answer. He said to me, what do you know about fuel and engine stuff (~~) of course you still can use the car here and there but the power is not enough (he explain to me something like that...hahaha). When the power is not enough, you need to use more fuel. Especially when you 'balik kampung' and your car need to 'naik bukit'. So compare to RON97, it is pricey but actually you can save more if you use it. I was like...hah??!! Seriously, I am 'pening' with his explaination (hahaha)

After this, a journey will become pricey...hohoho

Whatever lah boss, you are the one driving the car. But don't complained to me if the car 'kuat makan minyak' like you always do (see, hehehe). But seriously, one more time he complained but still refuse to use the economical one, I myself will fill the tank with RON95. lalalala...

PS : Is it good night or good morning...hehehe

01 April, 2011

April Fools' Day

April Fool's Day? I don't think so...

April Fools' Day is celebrated all around the world on the April 1 of every year. Sometimes referred to as All Fools' Day, April 1 is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated as a day where everyone plays all kind of joke and foolishness. The day is marked by the commission of good humoured or funny jokes, hoaxes, and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, family members, teachers, neighbors, work associates, etc. (source : Wikipedia)

When I was young, I thought April Fools Day is something funny and a day where we can play all kind of jokes to our friends or family members. And seriously, I thought it is OK and a must too to ‘gotcha’ someone with a hoaxes. But nowadays, I think it is not funny anymore...maybe irritating is the suitable word. Especially, when the jokes become excessive, cruel and sometimes end up with a fight, injury or worst…death.

Of course, sometimes we need to have some fun otherwise you are willing to live a dull life. Just a light humor is OK to me but when your jokes become too much until the jokes is not a joke anymore but turns out insulting peoples, that is not acceptable. Imagine, someone is insult you with a joke and everyone is laughing at you as they thought it is funny but deep down in your heart you were hurt. Believe me, if you fled (doesn’t matter if you were in tears or not) from the scenario they audience will laugh even more especially the person who ‘gotcha’ you. It only adds to the feeling of humiliate, hurt, embarrassment…  

Each year, the gags become more and more extreme. Before this, we only jokes about there is something on our friends head, the socks is not matching, there is a hole on the pants…something like that. Now, you are calling your friend that her house is on fire. Your friend make a haste, speeding home only found out later that it is just a prank calls! If something happen to your friend during her speeding home, can you forgive yourself for it? Seriously, that is a sick joke.  

In my humble personal point of view, this April Fools’ Day is not appropriate or should I say contrary to our eastern culture. We already have a beautiful culture, why we must taint it? Alright, don’t get me wrong I didn’t say that we cannot joke. You, me...everyone of us can. I myself enjoy laughing very much since laughter is the best medicine. Furthermore it can help you to look younger (hahahaha). And it is up to you about this April Fool's Day thing. However please keep in mind, we can joke but there are limits for us as a cultured person. Avoid a joke that can disgrace or sensitive to others.

PS : Happy Friday everyone…
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