02 December, 2011

On Our Way To Pekan Keningau...

Sumandak in the house :)

Okay, just a short and quick entry...

Last month we have this Kota Kinabalu-Keningau-Tambunan-Ranau-Kota Kinabalu trip. A trip that started at 6.00am, ended at 5.30pm in approximately 380 kilometers :) The driver? Of course the experience Mr. M (hahahaha...) After all, it was his idea...

At first I am not sure whether we can make the journey complete or not due to the gloomy and unexpected weather. But thank God, the weather is on our side and improve in the middle of the journey :) 

We arrived at Pekan Keningau around 8.30am. After breakfast, we walk for a while around the Pekan. Hmmm...frankly speaking, nothing interesting here. Only a typical lifestyle and surrounding just like back home. 

Time to continue our journey and guess what...we were not sure which way we should go to reach Tambunan. Mr. M said he forgot which one! Can you believe that?! 

This journey was to be enjoyed so when something like this came need to panic and no need to be angry with each other. We are not lost in the Amazon jungle lah...besides, we can ask around and there were signboards everywhere as a guidance (^_^) 

At last we found the right one and head to Tambunan. 

To be continued...

23 November, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Tambunan Trip

Wordless Wednesday : Tambunan Trip

Coming up later...

02 November, 2011

WW : Mountain Resthouse at Kundasang

View from the resthouse veranda...

Wordless Wednesday : Mountain Resthouse at Kundasang

For more details, read here and here

29 October, 2011

Places In Kundasang feat gadisBUNGA

The proud Mt. Kinabalu. A view from Rose Cabin, Kundasang

Sumandak in the house :)

Alright, here is the few places in Kundasang we managed to visit with gadisBUNGA. Actually, I only managed to visit two places with her...the rest she went with my sister Just and a friend. Had to hurry back, my holidays application is not approved due to unexpected things (hohoho). Thank God gadisBUNGA understand my situation. Seriously, being 'short-cut' from your own holidays is totally not a cool thing!!


Okay, forget about that. Here is the few pictures from our holidays...

Our first pit stop is at Desa Dairy Farm which located at the Mesilau Plateau, Kundasang. Normally, the main purpose peoples come here is to learn how fresh milk processed from raw to finish product. If you want to experience the milking session, come early around 2.00pm. The milking session start at 3.00pm.

Although we really want to watch the session, we went there at 9.00am (wrong time my dear...hahaha). We heard that at 3.00pm, automatically all the cows lining up and ready for milking. Is it true? I guess we have to find it out on the next trip (~~)     

YES. Definitely don't forget to try Desa fresh milk. 
Available in two flavors, original milk and chocolate :)  

If the weather is good, you can see the Mt. Kinabalu clearly. Fresh cool air, breathtaking landscape in every wonder this place is very famous among wedding photographers :)

Our next pit stop is at Kundasang War Memorial, which was built as a tribute for the brave ones. This place has change a little from our last visit. I notice they had make some renovation here and there. Perhaps the most obvious one is at the top level, the Contemplation Garden. I am not sure whether I like it or not. I mean a place like this we should preserve and stick to the original design. Okay no hard feeling, it was just a thought (^_^)

Despite of all that, being here is still a good thing. Take some of your time to think about those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the future.

Thats all for now. To find out more about the trip, visit gadisBUNGA page. I am sure she will do the full coverage :)

Enjoy your weekend (^_^)

22 October, 2011

Kundasang Trip With gadisBUNGA

Kundasang trip with gadisBUNGA 

Sumandak in the house :)

Alright, just a short update...

Like I mentioned yesterday, the secret finally revealed (hahahaha). It was a Kundasang trip with gadisBUNGA, one of my blogger friends. I was so excited finally I have the opportunity to meet her in person. All this while we just exchange comments on blog. When she told me about her plan to Kundasang, I am more than happy to accompany and show her around...

Watching the sunset at Batu 36, Kundasang

However, I was a little bit worried...I mean how are we going to treat each other without feeling awkward. But guess what, the moment I fetched her at the aiport...after greeting each other, we simply talk and talk like old friends (what a relieved). What can I say,  gadisBUNGA is very friendly (^_^)     

Eh, this entry should be a short one! haha...Alright, thats all for now. The next entry will be about places we managed to visit during the trip.

Till then, enjoy your weekend... 

21 October, 2011

Jambatan Tamparuli

Jambatan Tamparuli is the famous landmark in Tamparuli. It is a long hanging bridge, in malay we called it jambatan gantung. The hanging bridge is immortalized in the Kadazandusun song called Jambatan Tamparuli, which composed and sung by Justin Lusah in the mid of 1970's.

Sungai Tamparuli

If you happen to visit Sabah, I mean Kota Kinabalu area...don't forget to try walk on this famous landmark of Tamparuli. However, if you are the 'gayat' type (like me) I suggest do not even try it. You will end up froze in the middle with a pale face and tears in your eyes...hahahahaha. Okay, just kidding!

Alright, here is the lyric of the famous song. For video music, look for it at You Tube. As I mentioned earlier, the song was originally by Justin Lusah but they are several local artists sing the song in their own version. Enjoy :)

Jambatan Tamparuli by Justin Lusah

Pak pak kangku doh
Sumunsui doh jambatan
Jambatan doh Tamparuli
Bakasut tinggi oku

Sumunsui doh jambatan
Jambatan doh Tamparuli
Pak pak kangku doh
Bakasut tinggi oku

Silaka no di kasutku
Naratu ilo jambatan
Tinggal poh doh sutakin
Nowit ku guminuli

Ontok di hari tiga
Tamu lo Tamparuli
Mingusuk poh hilo kadai
Mogihum do kasut tinggi

* gayat = afraid of heights

PS : Last week, we have this Kundasang trip with someone. With whom? Stay tuned to find out...

05 October, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Just For Laughs

Wordless Wednesday : Just For Laughs

Me : Mr. Crocs, can I get a lift?

Mr. Crocs : Buli bah kalau kau... (of course you can)

30 September, 2011

Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway

Malaysia Commemorative Coins

Sumandak in the house :)

Are you coins collector? Well this is your chance to win Malaysia Commemorative Coins. All you have to do is join this Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway

Giveaway Terms & Condition:
1. Write a blog post with a title "Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway" and give a link to this entry/post in your blog posts.
2. Your blog posts can be written in any language.
3. Tag at least 3 of your blogger friends in your post.
4. Comment in this entry with your written post url/permalink.
5. The contest will end 12am (gmt +8, Malaysia time), 1 October 2011.
6. Anyone with a blog a welcome to join. Only one entry per blog is allowed.

Very easy, isn't it? But you will need the word LUCK (^_^) since winner will be choose by poll system. Mr. M loves this coins thing, he doesn't have a blog so I joined this giveaway on behalf of him...hahahaha. And here are the three blogger friends that I choose randomly JustgadisBunga and Rose Ragai

Good luck to me and everyone :)

27 September, 2011

Goodbye, Till We Meet Again

Sumandak in the house...

Okay, this is the last chapter of The Climb. Don't worry, I will keep it simple by sharing a few pictures while descending from Laban Rata (^_^) What can we say, it was a tiring experience but very rewarding.

Brunch at Laban Rata restaurant before descending down :)

Descending from Laban Rata

Say cheeese - credit to Dorisj Sitaun

Received the certificate at Kinabalu Park 

Mission Impossible accomplished :) 

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do...
Farewell Mount Kinabalu, till we meet again...

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