28 February, 2011

Get Ready For Success

work harder but don't forget to enjoy life

Monday Morning Motivation

Every successful person has a painful story. 
Every painful story has a successful ending. 
Accept the pain and get ready for success.

We always admire successful person and how we wish to be in their shoes. But do we realize that success doesn't come easy or there is no short cut way to achieve your goal. Along the way you will face pain, sacrifice, even failure. First you need to get out from your comfort zone and look for the opportunities around you. It will be a tough journey but be strong, conquer your fear. Open your mind for a new thinking, accept what the others thought. Some people may become ego and selfish. That is a way to failure because you only think about yourself, you do not care about other things even though that other things might become your key to success.  

Remember, balance is also a key to success. Of course you need to stay focus, work hard to achieve your ambition but don't forget to enjoy your life as well. What is the point being a successful person in the world when you cannot taste your own success. 

In the end, after all the sacrifice and you still failed to achieve your dreams, don't give up. Work extra harder, dig deeper. Fail once doesn't mean you will fail for the rest of your life. Being successful is not how hard we fail but how fast we get up from the rough journey. The truth is, many people just break down by the pressure and never get up due to the painful experience. 

Last but not least, when you reach the top look down for those who had help you along the journey. Help them back. Who knows when you give, the taste of success will even better :)

PS : Are you ready to begin the journey?

26 February, 2011

Follow The Stars Home

Title : Follow The Stars Home
Author : Luanne Rice
ISBN-10 : 0553581023
ISBN-13 : 978-0553581027

There appears to be a trend in women's fiction towards three-hankie reads, with terminal illness or other health crises as the main tear-inducing theme. Maybe it's a reaction against all of those wry, ironic Bridget Jones' Diary clones, or maybe it's the literary equivalent of Touched by an Angel. Luanne Rice's novels have become increasingly sentimental, moving away from the cosmopolitan relationship novels she favored early in her career. I'm not a big fan of this trend, but as long as authors as talented as Rice are participating, I guess I'll come along for the ride.

Follow the Stars Home tackles the gut-wrenching topic of parenting a child with severe disabilities. Dianne Robbins always dreamed of a having a big family and relishing the mommy role. Taught the carpentry trade by her father, she established herself professionally in her small Connecticut town as the maker of exquisite wooden dollhouses. One date with the town's new pediatrician, Alan McIntosh, was promising, but then Dianne was quickly swept off her feet by Alan's rugged seafaring brother, Tim. She chose the "dark" brother over the "light" and soon had cause to regret it. As soon as prenatal tests confirmed that the child Dianne was carrying was seriously deformed, Tim split, unable to accept a child who was less than perfect.

Now, almost twelve years later, Dianne gets by with help from her mother Lucinda, the town librarian. Her daughter, Julia, has spina bifida and Retts syndrome, a condition similar to autism. She cannot walk, talk, hold things or eat solid food, and her limbs are misshapen and stunted. She has had 13 surgeries since birth, and is not expected to live many more years because her underdeveloped organs cannot support her growing body. Dianne is an almost saintly mother. She loves Julia fiercely and rarely complains about her fate. She saves all of her anger for Alan, who reminds her of the spineless brother who left.

The catalyst for change is a twelve year old girl named Amy Brooks. Her mother Tess has been mired in depression for years, ever since Amy's father died in a boating accident, and the household is terrorized by Buddy, Tess's abusive boyfriend. Amy loves to hang around Dr. McIntosh's office, the one place she feels safe. One day, Alan has a brainstorm -- he wonders if putting Dianne, Amy and Julia together could be beneficial to all three. Dianne will have some part-time help and a chance to focus her maternal instincts on a more responsive child, Amy will have a mother substitute, and Julia will have a friend. Alan is happy to see a strong bond form between the three females, but he is surprised to find an additional positive side effect. These new relationships allow Dianne to finally realize that, although she once chose the wrong brother, the right one is still waiting for her.

The poignancy factor in Follow the Stars Home is off the scale. Just imagine eleven years of loving a child who can never say "I love you" or hug you. If Julia's condition doesn't grab you by the heart, add in the gradual recovery of a puppy who is beaten by Buddy in the name of "training" but later rescued by Amy. Then factor in Alan, the sensitive beta hero who has worshipped Dianne for years and finds a way to make her dreams come true with a grand, generous gesture. I'll defy anyone reading this to remain untouched.

Frankly, there are some times when Alan and Dianne seem almost too good to be true. Fortunately, the novel is populated by other characters whose complex personalities give it some spice. Amy Brooks is the primary example, as is Lucinda Robbins. The puppy and Dianne's cat Stella have important roles to play in the story. Even Tim McIntosh is given some depth -- true, he's a total rat for abandoning his wife and daughter, but Rice unerringly portrays the way he has rationalized his weak behavior, and he winds up more worthy of pity than scorn.

Follow the Stars Home is not subtle about its advice to cherish love and life each possible moment. It implores readers to move beyond their own pain and to reach out to others. As Lucinda says, "The biggest mistake any of us can make is thinking that love is a feeling, an emotion. It's not that at all. It's an action, a way of life." By the time you reach the final, surprising chapter in this novel, you will be ready for a great, big hug from and for anyone near and dear to you. Don't be surprised if you end up using their shirt sleeve to wipe away your tears. (source : the romance reader)

On the island, in the sea,
Northward of the gulf stream’s flow,
That is where we came to be,
In the spot where apples grow.

Trees of green and walls of stone
Fill the land that I can see
Anne played here till she was grown
Tell me, what will be for me?

Back at home, my mother cries
My father lives beneath the waves
Tell me, does the one who tries
to love, succeed at being brave?

You see, I’m just an apple girl
And someone came and picked me up
She polished me, just like a pearl
And set me in a loving cup.

In apple gardens, let me be
Beneath the stars and wind and sky
The constellations in the tree
I’ll love my own life, by and by.

~ from the book Follow The Stars Home by Luanne Rice ~

PS : Have a great weekend everyone :)

25 February, 2011

Green Corner : Recycle Paper, Save Our Trees

- from Google -

Recycle Paper, Save Our Trees

In our daily life, we use paper for endless variety of purpose. Doesn’t matter if you are at work or simply at home, we have been using paper for as long as we can remember. What is the connection between paper and trees? Paper made from trees. Means everytime we use paper, a tree must be cut down to meet our usage of paper. The more we use paper, more trees will be cut down.

- from Google -

We know that trees are very important, valuable and necessary to our existence. Trees produce oxygen. No trees means no oxygen to breathe and that only mean a dead world. Trees also act as a filter that clean the air we breathe. Provide habitat for the wildlife, give us shade so we won’t be contact directly to the sun, and also can help to prevent natural disasters like floods from happening. That is some example why trees are important.

This is why it is significant for us to reduce the usage on paper whenever possible. Here is some tips on how we can save the trees :

- from Google -

  • Encourage everyone to use both side of the paper. By doing this, we can save half of the amount of paper we normally used.

  • When writing memos or notes, use pencil instead of pen. If you make mistake, you can simply erase it and reuse the paper.

  • Buy recycled paper product. I know, some people doesn’t like recycle paper because the quality is not as good as the original one. If you work on something official, of course you have to use quality paper. Anyway if it just a draft or notes to be keep in your file, I suggest we use the recycle one.

  • Request or create your own recycle bin in your area so everyone can practice their recycling duties and encourage all the members in that area to take part. When the bin is full, bring it directly to the recycle centre.

  • Educate everyone especially kids why it is important to recycle and reduce the usage of paper.

  • Use emails, pay your bill online. Why do you think they invent electronic mails and online transaction? To reduce paper usage lah…hehe

  • Plant trees in your area. Green color can help to create a peaceful atmosphere at your place. A peaceful atmosphere will make you appreciate the environment more and inspire you to protect it.  

  • Don’t pack your attic and store with newspapers, magazines or old books. Instead of letting the creepy creatures build a comfortable kingdom there, why not you send it to the recycle centre? Donate education magazines and old books to the libraries.  

- let's go green -
If everyone realized their responsibility to the environment, I think there should be no problem to provide our next generation a good quality of environment. Surely you don’t want to imagine our next generation surrounded by pollution right? So take action starting right now. I mean after you read this (haha).  Remember, even a small action can bring a huge impact. Let us remind each other to reduce the usage of paper, reuse and recycle it to save the trees.

- Message for everyone -

24 February, 2011

My Day Is A Mayday

When blogging become an addiction, you will feel weird or feel something is not right the whole day if you cannot update your blog and visiting your loyal visitor (hahaha). That's what happen to me today (actually this past few days...sigh). Am I the only one who always used my works as an excuse? I hope not :) 

I just can say that I am a little bit busy this week (still have no idea what is waiting next week). If only I can split myself into 3 or 4 pieces...sigh again. This morning, I just wear what I can grab from the cabinet and guess what, I was supposed to meet peoples today. On my way to office, I wish that I had wear more appropriate clothes for it. Anyway, who is to blame right? On top of that, I almost forgot to bring something very important that related to my work (hohoho).  

In the afternoon, we got free bla bla bla and I wish I can boldly get myself out from that room and vomit all the tension at the ladies room. When you already done the best you can but someone still doesn't satisfy about it, seriously it can make your mood down. Why, is it a sin if you show a little appreciation? Sometimes life can be so cruel....sigh again for the third time (~ ~)  

Just now, I am working on my translation and accidentally hit the (X) button. All the tension bubbles up and ready to explode BUT...thank God I manage to control myself. No matter what happen, it is auto save so no need to worry...hahaha

Oraitlah, a little ramblings to end the day. Looks like my day is almost turn into a mayday. How is yours?? 

PS : Good night...

23 February, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Being A Sumandak

Wordless Wednesday : Being a sumandak :)

21 February, 2011

When Facing Problems

Monday Morning Motivation

Problems tend to growl at us like cowardly dogs. 
If we face them and challenge them, they back away. 
If we run from them, they run after us, snapping our heels. 
by Freddie Mitman

Ever heard that you can run but you can't hide? Same thing with problems. Everyone have their own problems, what makes it difference with the others is how you are going to deal with it. If you think hiding is the best option, think again. Believe me you will be found, sooner or later. When it happens, it maybe too late to try to solve it. Imagine if you have dozen of problems, it shadow you and turn your life upside down. It won't solve by itself. Worst, it can cause a complicated mess which affect not only you but the peoples around you. It will keep getting big and deeper, unless you do something.    

How to deal with problems? The first thing you can do is, accept it. I mean this is our real life and everything happen is real. Accept the fact that problems do exist. Since you must know what kind of challenged you have to face, gathering a knowledge about your problem will help. Knowledge can clear our fear of our problem and we often find that the problem might not be as bad as we thought. Try to look more than one solutions to your problem. If plan A doesn't work, try plan B, C and so on. You cannot depend on one solution only.  

Ask for help. You don't have to solve the problem on your own. You can ask people who have similar problem for advice like what to do and what they did. Sometimes, it feels better to have someone by your side even if it just for emotional support.  

Among other things, actually you can find a lesson within the problem. Things happen for a reason right? Perhaps it alerts us to improve or simply teach us the value of our life. If you try to see the problem from every angle, there is always a good side of it. Finding the positive part of the problem can reduce its negative emotional impact. Ask yourself : How can I use this? What is the good thing about this? What can I learn from this? 

Last but not least, don't forget to pray. When you feel its too hard and the world seems to turn it back to you, let God deal with it. Even if its not your fault, you cannot always win. Sometimes life can be so cruel, so remember, if you fail its not the end of the world. Be positive because it will keep you going...

PS : If there is no problem today, will 'jalan-jalan' at your blog :)

20 February, 2011

SBC 1st Gathering?

We want to suggest SBC 1st gathering on 19 March 2011 to all SBC Members. It maybe will be a small gathering since we only have 30 members in our list right now. 19th March is the only date that is available for the three of us since Zezebel and her fiance will be getting married on 13 march and will be busy on the date before and after that date. We know that date is still a school holiday and everyone want to be with their family but that is the only best date that we can found available on Saturday. We allowed all SBC members to bring their families on that day. This will be a get to know session for all members, some of you maybe have been blogging for years but never have a chance to meet your blog friend, right?
SBC Gathering Suggestion - 19 March 2011

Most probably, we will have a session of ice breaking and one hour session of blog talk. To anyone whose blog had already been reviewed in SBC, you can asked us personally what you don't understand. We also try to arrange some games for kids or karaoke contest so everyone will have some fun. You can also suggest some activity in this post, we will collect all your suggestion and try to decide if it is suitable. Zezebel will be cooking her mee rojak (yuuuummy), chicken soup and some deserts.

Place : SBC Boss Home :), near Sulaman Sentral, Kota Kinabalu. (For safety reason, he will only send the details to SBC members who really interested and can come).
Time : 2.00 pm (datang awal pun boleh, tolong Zezebel masak...hehehe).
Date : 19 or 20 March 2011.
Fee : RM100 per person...hahahahahaha. Just kidding okay. It's FREE but tell us how many people will be coming with you.

If you have a suggestion about the place, activities, date and time; feel free to talk about it here or simply go to SBC website or to PBS (malay version). If there are less then 10 members coming, I think a small cafe or restaurant will be a better place but we will have less activities.

To all SBC members who read this, if you can or cannot come that day, please comment in this post or at SBC website.
Thank you. Will be waiting for everyone reply and suggestion.
PS : Millions thanks for supporting SBC :)

19 February, 2011

Digital Fortress

Title : Digital Fortress
Author : Dan Brown 
ISBN-10: 0312263120 
ISBN-13: 978-0312263126

When the NSA's invincible code-breaking machine encounters a mysterious code it cannot break, the agency calls its head cryptographer, Susan Fletcher, a brilliant, beautiful mathematician. What she uncovers sends shock waves through the corridors of power. The NSA is being held hostage--not by guns or bombs -- but by a code so complex that if released would cripple U.S. intelligence. Caught in an accelerating tempest of secrecy and lies, Fletcher battles to save the agency she believes in. Betrayed on all sides, she finds herself fighting not only for her country but for her life, and in the end, for the life of the man she loves.

First of all, I finish reading this book at 3 a.m. The plot is interesting, that's why I keep turn to the next page till I finish it. Dan Brown is a big writer. His book Da Vinci Code sold like 'pisang goreng' (haha). Anyway, in the middle of this book I started to wonder, Dan Brown wrote a book like this??

- There are too many bla bla bla about software, computers and all that...

- Whoever touch or saw Tankado's ring had to die. For what reason, God only knows. Nobody knows what the ring all about, so why they have to be eliminated?

- It doesn't make sense, looks like the assassin doesn't plan his killing spree properly. He killed Tankado and doesn't have the time to take the ring from his finger (hahaha) and he chased David Becker to a great length only to be beaten at the end. I mean an expert assassin beaten by a language specialist?

- The most annoying one, repeated words

"Tankado called me last month"
Susan looked up. "Tankado called you?"
He nodded. "To warn me"
"Warn you? He hates you."

...and a lot more in the book :)

Also, some scene is not believable and I thought Susan Fletcher character is a tough one. I mean, she is a brilliant mathematician but the character she bring doesn't sound like her. Overall, I do have fun with the book but due to Brown's reputation I believe he can do better than this. 

PS : This is not a book review, just a sharing :) 

18 February, 2011

Green Corner : Bring Your Own Container

- from Google -

Hello everyone, how are you doing?
I guess everyone is excited and cannot wait for the day to end because it Friday and weekend is coming...haha. Orait barait, I want to introduce my new project worth millions, anyone want to join me? hahaha...just kidding!

My regular readers know that every Monday I have a motivation corner. Today I want to add a new stuff, a green stuff and I called it Green Corner (hehehe). Means every Friday, I will share something how we can Go Green and save our earth. Sometimes, the tips may look ridiculous and some may think it is just a small thing. But believe me, even a small thing can make a big difference and the result might surprise you. Do you still want to join me and are you ready to make environmental responsibility a reality? It will hurt me if anyone say No. hahaha...okay just kidding again. Okay, here is our first Green Corner tips for today...

Bring your own container when you 'bungkus'

Bungkus means take away (correct me if I am wrong), Sabahan called it tapau (haha). If you 'bungkus nasi campur' or 'tapau roti canai', can you count how many plastic involve? Naah, everyone knows that plastic is one of the earth's enemy. Plastics are very difficult to be disposed. Do you know that plastics required 1000 years to decomposed properly through the soil? Furthermore, when it is decomposed, it will pollute the soil and water. If you burn it, smoke that come from the plastic can pollute the air and not good for our health. The frequency of our use of plastic bags will increase from time to time, so why not we try to reduce it? 

Next time you want to 'bungkus', don't forget to bring your own container. Look like a small step but imagine if everyone is doing the same thing :) Well, not all container can be recycled, anyway reuse is better than we increase our use of plastic bags.

PS : That's my new introduction of Green Corner, till next Friday :)

17 February, 2011

Flower Nursery at JS Nursery, Kundasang

Sumandak in the house :)

Let's talk flower today (haha). Do you have any experience visit flower nursery before? During our visit to Kundasang, we went to J.S Nursery. Seriously I don't know how to explain the location, I try Google it but no success. So I am going to explain the location the best I can.

J.S Nursery is located near the main road to Desa Cattle Farms. If you drive pass Kundasang War Memorial, the place is approximatively 5 minutes and above from the War Memorial, look at your right side :) 

I must confess, this is my first time visit a place like this (please don't laugh at me...hahaha). Flower garden yes, but not a nursery. Or is it similar? hahaha...anyway, from my view a garden is a place where flowers are grown for decorative purpose. Flower nursery is more to a place that grow many types of plants and its for sale. The cool climate in Kundasang is perfect to grow the plants successfully. I wonder, if I am interested and want to but it, will the plant survive in my area? I mean Kota Kinabalu is a hot place compare to Kundasang. My advice, ask the person in charge there before you buy something. They can give you guidelines and information about the plants.

If you happen to visit Kundasang, don't forget to stop at J.S Nursery. I must say, I truly enjoy watched all the plants and hope I can bring one home. sob sob...Mum and my uncle is the happiest person here. Mum is crazy about flowers you know, and my uncle is crazy about cactus (because they share the same gen...hahaha). Seriously, Mr. M want to buy something for his home but I told him NO. I know he won't have enough time to look after the plants. I don't care about the price, I think it's a sin if you let the plants die without care (hahaha). So I told him to wait until we get married, after that he can buy whatever plants he want because I'll be there to help him :)

You know what, I truly envied the peoples here. They can grow beautiful flowers and watch it everyday (sigh). Maybe someday, I will build my own house here (next to grandma maybe...hahaha) so I can grow beautiful flowers too and watch the majestic view of Mount Kinabalu :)

16 February, 2011


Sumandak in the house :)

Have you ever craved desperately for something and thought you would die if you can have them? Hahahaha…well, I have one. Actually it happens weeks ago, three days before the Chinese New Year celebration. What is it??? Naaah….take a look for the picture below

- seriously desperate for Snickers...hahaha -

Seriously, I don’t know what the hell had happened…suddenly I imagine the bars full with peanuts, nougat and the caramel melt in my mouth. I swear the feeling to have one is too much to bear (hahahaha). As a result, I visit every shop lot looking for Snickers and guess what…no one seems to sell it! ~ Please ignore that one, I think I am simply outrages for not being able to buy even one bar. The simple explanation is, its out of stock lah (~ ~) 

My last hope, went to CKS Menggatal. Mr. M took me there and I prayed “Please God, let them sell Snickers” hahahaha…I went directly to the candy corner and I almost cried when I saw the empy Snickers box! I went home with a broken heart…sob sob 

Moral of the story, sometimes if you are desperate on something please control yourself. Don’t let the feeling control you or you will end up hurt. If I was put too much on the desperation that day, I believe I will do everything I can and force Mr. M to drive me here and there just to look for that damn bars (uhuk uhuk). Thank God, I manage to calm myself down… 

When I related the Snickers story in my daily life, I can see the similarity in every angle. I saw my friends desperate to get attention and do everything they can just to be notice. When the attention didn’t return to them, they hit bottom hard. Some people cannot accept it, few of them got their lesson and learn something from it. What happen when you cannot accept it? Mostly, being in a tender age teenagers are always caught in this desperation issue. How many stories have you read or heard teenagers take their own life because of desperation? Or end up doing something that can ruin their future?

I saw parents who are desperate to choose the best bride/groom for their children. Choose the best candidates, whoever can meet their expectation such as their rank in the society not to mention wealth. Yes it is normal as parents to make sure their children get the best anyway it is not normal to me when they forget what their children really want. Some parents didn't bother to ask, whatever their decision is final and cannot be reverse back. Dragging along their unwilling children in the desperation to double the fortune, to be recognize as a respectable family or whatever you called it.

When I was in secondary school, I had this friend who is always tired and gloomy. After school, she had to attend two tuition classes. When she get home, she had to finish homework and do revision under strict supervision by her parents. I really pity her, I can see in her eyes that she really need a break. Education is important, no one can deny it. In a desperation to make children as a 'brilliant student' so they can boast about it to the whole world, parents seem to forget that their children is not a machine. Children become their victim of desperation. Push them, swing them to the fullest, press them to meet the expectation. With that action, anyone can go straight to over stressed. When it become too much, it can drive you crazy and makes you doing unexpected things.

See, desperation can turn you into a monster (hahaha) and worst it can affect peoples around you. In the end, the solution came back to yourself. I mean its all start with you, you create it and it must end with you. If it too much, let others help you. Remember to control it before it control you… 

How about you, do you have a desperation story or experience? Share it here, opinion are welcome...

I have a happy ending for my story. While visiting grandma, I manage to buy Snickers at Pekan Kundasang (huraaaay). Thank you God :) Can you see my glowing face?? hahahaha....

- very energetic after eat two bars Snickers, hahaha -

PS : This story is not suitable for research or whatsoever. Of course, my experience is real and really happen but it is just a story without supporting facts. I will improve next time and do some research before write something. Anyway, this one can do for now :) I also hope no one feel offended by this story. Sometimes, truth is hurt so please forgive me if I hurt you...

15 February, 2011

How To Treat Sunburn

Sumandak in the house :)  

Yesterday, my sister text me that she just finish kayaking. Like everyone know, that kind of activity expose our skin to the sun. She had sunburn and asks for tips. Frankly speaking, I myself don’t know how to treat sunburn but as a big sister (hahaha) it is my duty to find and suggest tips for her. This is the time when Mr. G aka Mr. Google came to the rescue, just type what you want, hit enter and tadaaa...finish (hehe)

What is sunburn?
Sunburn is condition that occurs to skin that has been overexposed to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Too much time in the sun without protection can result in heightened sensitivity, redness, pain, and even blisters. Some may said that it’s OK to have sunburn because it’s not permanent and may heal over the time but read thisKeep in mind that sunburn can be more harmful than you though it is, if not instantaneously fatal. One of the most lethal outcomes of recurring sunburn is melanoma, a type of skin cancer. It was said that a person who have had sunburn more than five times in their lifetime has double the risk of getting melanoma skin cancer. Unprotected sun and ultraviolet exposure can also cause skins’ premature aging and constant exposure might even cause first or second degree burns and heatstroke.

The best way to avoid sunburn, don’t ever forget to wear sunscreen everytime you go outdoors. The sunscreen cannot protect you 100% from UV rays but at least it can reduce the reaction of sunburn. There are wide ranges of sunscreen lotion in the market, I recommend you to look for sunblock which has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 25 and above depends where you are going for outdoor activity. For example, activities at the beach require SPF more than 25. In case you are involve in water sport, look for waterproof sunblock. Higher SPF means more protection you get.

Basically, we cannot run away from sunburn. I mention earlier, sunblock cannot protect you 100% from UV rays. In my own experience, sometimes the heat is too much and I think the UV rays manage to find a way into my skin (haha). Be prepared when you got sunburn – the itching skin and you wish you live inside a freezer (hahaha). I believe most of us had an experience about this sunburn thing. Don’t worry, here is a few tips for all of us…

Ice cubes. Have a few ice cubes, put or wrap it in the towel. Then press the towel on your sunburn part. This method can help you to cool down your skin.

Aloe Vera. If you got this plant around your house, then you are lucky. Take the Aloe Vera leaf, open it and gently apply the jelly over your burn area. Repeat as often as you like. The jelly can help to soothe the burn skin and moisturize it as well. This method is highly recommended because Aloe Vera is frequently used as a treatment of burns. Furthermore it is cheap and natural remedies that you can find at home.    

You can get the Aloe product on most stores. But before you buy it, make sure it has a high concentration of aloe. Aloe Vera should be listed first or at least near the top of the list of ingredients. Avoid product where the water contain is more than aloe because it will not be very helpful. Also, be sure to check the expiration date, as aloe can lose some of its healing properties over time.

Yogurt. Use plain and fresh yogurt as a mask on your burn skin. First, put the yogurt in the freezer to cool it. The protein and fat ingredients of yogurt can help to trim down the pressure of sunburn on your skin.

Cool bath. Take a cool bath to help you more comfortable. Cool water will help lower your body temperature and reduce the heat of the skin. After bathing, dress in loose comfortable clothing and stay in out of the sun until your sunburn begins to heal. Be sure to get plenty of rest. Make sure you eat even if you not feel like eating, because you need energy to keep up your strength. Sunburn can be like any illness or injury depending on its severity, and your body needs nourishment to heal itself.

Above all, drink plenty of water as dangers of dehydration multiply with sunburn. Avoid alcoholic drink because it may increase the risk of becoming dehydrated. 

Don’t do these while you have sunburn :

Avoid soap because it can cause unwanted irritation

Don’t put lotion on burn parts. Lotion can seal the heat and clogs the stressed out skin.

If your sunburn start to peel, don’t scratch it. The action can cause further damage. Use calamine lotion to ease the itching skin.

Never try to open blisters! It can lead to a serious infection and leave a scar on your skin. In case, if the blisters give you unbearable pain along with fever or nausea, seriously you need to see a doctor. 

PS : That’s all :) If you have another remedies or tips, please share. Sharing is caring…     

- credit to Google for the pictures

Maulidur Rasul

Salam Maulidur Rasul kepada semua rakan muslim dimana saja anda berada...

14 February, 2011


Monday Morning Motivation 

Relationships of all kinds are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers. You may hold on to some of it, but most will be spilled. A relationship is like that. Held loosely, with respect and freedom for the other person, it is likely to remain intact. But hold too tightly, too possessively, and the relationship slips away and is lost. ~ Kaleel Jamison (the Nibble Theory)

And may this Valentine's Day be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with those you hold dear. I hope you have a great day celebrating it with your loves one. For me, Valentine's is just a symbol to express your feeling and appreciation about love. So please don't  compare or label  it  as an immoral day. Valentine is not immoral, the people who tainted the day with their behavior is...I mean, if you really love someone, then respect their dignity and yours too. Of course Valentine is not the only day for us to show our love, we can do it every single seconds is extra special. Just like birthdays, why it special? Because it is the day you born and you want to give thanks for the life you have. You can give thanks everyday in your life but when the day is come, it is extra special...But then, everyone has their own opinion about this. Whatever it is, let just respect each other okay :) 
Valentine's Day we think of those who make our lives worthwhile.
Those gracious, friendly people who we think of with a smile.
I am fortunate to know you.
That's why I want to say, to a rare and special person...

Happy Valentine's Day! 

12 February, 2011

Love Stories

Celebration of love with a love stories...

Title : A Lady At Last
Author : Brenda Joyce
ISBN : 0373771371

Raised as a pirate’s daughter, Amanda Carre has never been tutored in the finer social graces. Alone in the world, she has never depended on anyone, until fate intervenes in the form of Cliff de Warenne, who rescues her from a mob at her father’s hanging. Now she must set sail for England to find the mother she never knew, and her chaperone is an infamous ladies man...

He is also the greatest gentleman privateer of the era. Honor demands he see this beautiful wild child to London and into her socialite mother’s arms, and Cliff must deny any attraction to her. Aware that she is utterly unprepared for a debut in London's ton, his only recourse is to become her guardian and champion her transformation into a lady—and find her a suitable match. But with every passing moment, it becomes harder to deny an explosive passion—until Amanda makes her stunning debut and takes matters into her own hands. A lady at last, his heart is about to be tamed...

Title : Almost A Bride
Author : Jane Feather
ISBN-10: 0553587552 
ISBN-13: 978-0553587555

In this spectacular new romance from acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather, fate deals one stubbornly single young woman and one deceptively heartless man a shocking hand in a high-stakes bet. But is love in the cards?

Jack Fortescu gambles to win, and this time his prize is not only his rival's lavish mansion but everything in it - including the man's beautiful sister! But when it comes to games, Jack has met his match...

Left homeless by her brother's escapade, Arabella Lacey has two appalling choices: pack her bags-or agree to marry the lunatic who's taken over her house. Why would such a handsome-and outrageously wealthy-man want such an unromantic arrangement? Arabella intends to find out, and have a little fun in the process at Jack's expense...iterally. As Jack discovers that his reluctant bride is no ordinary beauty, he feels a stir of admiration, among other emotions, that wasn't part of the bargain. Now he's the one with everything to lose...

Title : Dreaming Of You
Author : Lisa Kleypas 
ISBN-10: 038077352X 
ISBN-13: 978-0380773527

She stood at danger's threshold -- then love beckoned her in.

In the shelter of her country cottage, Sara Fielding puts pen to paper to create dreams. But curiosity has enticed the prim, well-bred gentlewoman out of her safe haven -- and into Derek Craven's dangerous world. 

A handsome, tough and tenacious Cockney, he rose from poverty to become lord of London's most exclusive gambling house -- a struggle that has left Derek Craven fabulously wealthy, but hardened and suspicious. And now duty demands he allow Sara Fielding into his world -- with her impeccable manners and her infuriating innocence. But here, in a perilous shadow-realm of ever-shifting fortunes, even a proper "mouse" can be transformed into a breathtaking enchantress -- and a world-weary gambler can be shaken to his cynical core by the power of passion...and the promise of love. 

Title : Honor's Splendour
Author : Julie Garwood 
ISBN-10: 0671737821 
ISBN-13: 978-0671737825

In the feuding English court, gentle Lady Madelyne suffered the cruel whims of her ruthless brother, Baron Louddon. Then, in vengeance for a bitter crime, Baron Duncan of Wexton-the Wolf-unleashed his warriors against Louddon's main. Exquisite Madelyne was the prize he catured...but when he gazed upon the proud beauty, he pledged to protect her with his life. In his rough-hewn castle, Duncan proved true to his honor. But when at last their noble passion conquered them both, she surrendered with all her soul. Now, for love, Madelyne would stand bravely as her Lord, the powerful Wolf who fought for...Honor's Splendour.

Title : In My Wildest Dream
Author : Christina Dodd 
ISBN-10: 0380819627 
ISBN-13: 978-0380819621

Beautiful 17-year-old Celeste Milford is only the gardener's daughter, but she falls madly in love with the younger brother of the very rich and powerful Garrick Throckmorton the Third. Lady Bucknell, proprietress of the Distinguished Academy of Governesses and a family friend, assesses the hopeless situation and graciously offers to enroll and train Celeste as a governess at her academy. So Celeste leaves for London and Paris, protesting loudly.

Four years later, Celeste returns to Blythe Hall a poised, well-traveled, independent woman experienced with the intrigues of politics after a stint as governess to the children of the Russian ambassador. Hired by Garrick to be governess to his motherless daughter and niece, Celeste has a not-so-hidden agenda, for she plans to charm Ellery Throckmorton away from his fiancĂ©. Garrick has no intention of letting Celeste's plans come to fruition and sets out to monopolize her time and seduce her away from thoughts of Ellery. Much to his surprise, Celeste enchants him, fills him with lust, and destroys his famous self-control. Celeste is equally stunned to find herself drawn to Garrick--and she begins to see Ellery in a less flattering light. But Garrick doesn't believe in love, and when Celeste's appeal threatens to overwhelm him, he's determined to send her back to Paris. Before he can do so, however, he'll have to resolve the question of who's leaking information about his spy activities. Could it be Celeste? And just how does she know so much about spying, anyway? 

Title : Promise Of The Rose
Author : Brenda Joyce 
ISBN-10: 0380771403 
ISBN-13: 978-0380771400

She is Mary, the beautiful daughter of the Scottish king—and an unwilling prisoner of the Norman invaders. The headstrong princess refuses to reveal her identity—even if it means sacrificing her virtue. But in the arms of a dangerous enemy she discovers a powerful passion and a powerful promise.

Brave and battle-hardened Stephen de Warenne is prepared to defend to the death that which is his by right of conquest— including the golden-haired captive who awakens his soul's most secret yearnings. For theirs is a passion that will not be denied—a magnificent fire that burns hotter and brighter than the blazing flames of war that engulf the land.

Title : Hadirmu Satu Kurnia
Author : Fariza Zuliana
Terbitan Alaf21 Sdn. Bhd.

Jazlan (Alan), seorang lelaki yang penyayang dan bertanggungjawab telah jatuh hati pada teman sepermainan sewaktu kecil hinggalah dewasa bersama-sama. Akhirnya Alan telah melamar Fidelya, (Delya) menjadi suri hatinya. Setelah bersama-sama melayari alam rumahtangga, Delya disahkan menghidap leukemia. Hancur dan sedihnya hati tatkala menerima perkhabaran tersebut begitu juga dengan Alan. Namun hidup mesti diteruskan jua. Sesungguhnya Alan adalah seorang suami yang tabah dan amat menyintai Delya. Dia tidak mahu kehilangan Delya buat selama-lamanya. Jodoh maut ajal di tangan tuhan. Akhirnya Delya menghembuskan nafas terakhir di pangkuan suami tercinta ketika azan subuh berlalu. Hanya lagu menjadi kenangan mereka. (Klik sini untuk ulasan penuh)

Title : Ombak Rindu
Author : Fauziah Ashari

IZZAH adalah seorang gadis yatim piatu yang kematian orang tua mereka akibat kemalangan jalan raya. Justeru itu, pak saudaranya, Taha mengambil tugas memelihara Izzah. Isteri Taha tidak senang dengan kehadiran Izzah dan menuduh Izzah membawa bencana dalam keluarga.  

Pak cik Taha banyak berhutang. Disebabkan kesempitan wang dia sanggup menjual anak saudaranya itu kepada seorang tauke kelab malam. Izzah terpaksa mengikut kehendak pak saudaranya walaupun hatinya tidak rela.  

Di situlah dia telah berkenalan dengan seorang pelanggan bernama Hariz. Hariz telah membeli Izzah dengan harga yang mahal dari tauke kelab itu dan membawa dia keluar dari neraka jahanam itu. Di atas permintaan Izzah, akhirnya Hariz berkahwin dengan Izzah tetapi dengan syarat semuanya mesti dirahsiakan. (baca seterusnya disini)  

PS : Enyoy your weekend
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