25 February, 2011

Green Corner : Recycle Paper, Save Our Trees

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Recycle Paper, Save Our Trees

In our daily life, we use paper for endless variety of purpose. Doesn’t matter if you are at work or simply at home, we have been using paper for as long as we can remember. What is the connection between paper and trees? Paper made from trees. Means everytime we use paper, a tree must be cut down to meet our usage of paper. The more we use paper, more trees will be cut down.

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We know that trees are very important, valuable and necessary to our existence. Trees produce oxygen. No trees means no oxygen to breathe and that only mean a dead world. Trees also act as a filter that clean the air we breathe. Provide habitat for the wildlife, give us shade so we won’t be contact directly to the sun, and also can help to prevent natural disasters like floods from happening. That is some example why trees are important.

This is why it is significant for us to reduce the usage on paper whenever possible. Here is some tips on how we can save the trees :

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  • Encourage everyone to use both side of the paper. By doing this, we can save half of the amount of paper we normally used.

  • When writing memos or notes, use pencil instead of pen. If you make mistake, you can simply erase it and reuse the paper.

  • Buy recycled paper product. I know, some people doesn’t like recycle paper because the quality is not as good as the original one. If you work on something official, of course you have to use quality paper. Anyway if it just a draft or notes to be keep in your file, I suggest we use the recycle one.

  • Request or create your own recycle bin in your area so everyone can practice their recycling duties and encourage all the members in that area to take part. When the bin is full, bring it directly to the recycle centre.

  • Educate everyone especially kids why it is important to recycle and reduce the usage of paper.

  • Use emails, pay your bill online. Why do you think they invent electronic mails and online transaction? To reduce paper usage lah…hehe

  • Plant trees in your area. Green color can help to create a peaceful atmosphere at your place. A peaceful atmosphere will make you appreciate the environment more and inspire you to protect it.  

  • Don’t pack your attic and store with newspapers, magazines or old books. Instead of letting the creepy creatures build a comfortable kingdom there, why not you send it to the recycle centre? Donate education magazines and old books to the libraries.  

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If everyone realized their responsibility to the environment, I think there should be no problem to provide our next generation a good quality of environment. Surely you don’t want to imagine our next generation surrounded by pollution right? So take action starting right now. I mean after you read this (haha).  Remember, even a small action can bring a huge impact. Let us remind each other to reduce the usage of paper, reuse and recycle it to save the trees.

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  1. kesimpulan : save our earth.

  2. Semangat pulak saya baca entri ko kali ne :) Go green!! Save Earth for our next generation :)

  3. ramai yg x peduli. akibat kurang kefahaman tentang kesan. ada yg paham tp buat2 bodoh dan sbb wang. suka baca quote terakhir tu


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