16 February, 2011


Sumandak in the house :)

Have you ever craved desperately for something and thought you would die if you can have them? Hahahaha…well, I have one. Actually it happens weeks ago, three days before the Chinese New Year celebration. What is it??? Naaah….take a look for the picture below

- seriously desperate for Snickers...hahaha -

Seriously, I don’t know what the hell had happened…suddenly I imagine the bars full with peanuts, nougat and the caramel melt in my mouth. I swear the feeling to have one is too much to bear (hahahaha). As a result, I visit every shop lot looking for Snickers and guess what…no one seems to sell it! ~ Please ignore that one, I think I am simply outrages for not being able to buy even one bar. The simple explanation is, its out of stock lah (~ ~) 

My last hope, went to CKS Menggatal. Mr. M took me there and I prayed “Please God, let them sell Snickers” hahahaha…I went directly to the candy corner and I almost cried when I saw the empy Snickers box! I went home with a broken heart…sob sob 

Moral of the story, sometimes if you are desperate on something please control yourself. Don’t let the feeling control you or you will end up hurt. If I was put too much on the desperation that day, I believe I will do everything I can and force Mr. M to drive me here and there just to look for that damn bars (uhuk uhuk). Thank God, I manage to calm myself down… 

When I related the Snickers story in my daily life, I can see the similarity in every angle. I saw my friends desperate to get attention and do everything they can just to be notice. When the attention didn’t return to them, they hit bottom hard. Some people cannot accept it, few of them got their lesson and learn something from it. What happen when you cannot accept it? Mostly, being in a tender age teenagers are always caught in this desperation issue. How many stories have you read or heard teenagers take their own life because of desperation? Or end up doing something that can ruin their future?

I saw parents who are desperate to choose the best bride/groom for their children. Choose the best candidates, whoever can meet their expectation such as their rank in the society not to mention wealth. Yes it is normal as parents to make sure their children get the best anyway it is not normal to me when they forget what their children really want. Some parents didn't bother to ask, whatever their decision is final and cannot be reverse back. Dragging along their unwilling children in the desperation to double the fortune, to be recognize as a respectable family or whatever you called it.

When I was in secondary school, I had this friend who is always tired and gloomy. After school, she had to attend two tuition classes. When she get home, she had to finish homework and do revision under strict supervision by her parents. I really pity her, I can see in her eyes that she really need a break. Education is important, no one can deny it. In a desperation to make children as a 'brilliant student' so they can boast about it to the whole world, parents seem to forget that their children is not a machine. Children become their victim of desperation. Push them, swing them to the fullest, press them to meet the expectation. With that action, anyone can go straight to over stressed. When it become too much, it can drive you crazy and makes you doing unexpected things.

See, desperation can turn you into a monster (hahaha) and worst it can affect peoples around you. In the end, the solution came back to yourself. I mean its all start with you, you create it and it must end with you. If it too much, let others help you. Remember to control it before it control you… 

How about you, do you have a desperation story or experience? Share it here, opinion are welcome...

I have a happy ending for my story. While visiting grandma, I manage to buy Snickers at Pekan Kundasang (huraaaay). Thank you God :) Can you see my glowing face?? hahahaha....

- very energetic after eat two bars Snickers, hahaha -

PS : This story is not suitable for research or whatsoever. Of course, my experience is real and really happen but it is just a story without supporting facts. I will improve next time and do some research before write something. Anyway, this one can do for now :) I also hope no one feel offended by this story. Sometimes, truth is hurt so please forgive me if I hurt you...


  1. kadang2 bila terlalu inginkan sesuatu tuh masa tuh lar ia tiada..ia seolah-olah tahu kita nak sangat dapatkan benda tuh dan ia benar2 menguji kesabaran dan ketenangan kita...

    terdesak itu selalu membuatkan kita melakukan apa saja asal kita memperolehinya.

  2. sia selalu beli snicker d 7-11..

    ntah la.. samaada kebetulan ada bkn tp besanya bila kita mau/cari, time tu la tu benda teda / susah mau cari kan?!

  3. "I mean its all start with you, you create it and it must end with you"...yes! i agree...

  4. Hello, sumandak. Bila benda yg kita idam2kan tidak diperolehi memang frust sefrust2nya la. Kelakuan kita kadang2 out of control dan agak memalukan bila diingat2kan kembali.

    Kak berkeadaan demikian bila time mengidam masa pregnant (aik, betul ka ejaan ni..?)dulu. Apa pun yg penting sabar saja bah, kan..hehe.....:)

  5. I was always craving for the bosou! Hahaha..kalau teingat bosou trus kobihis..

  6. ada tu yang desperate tahap gaban...bikin malu wanita ja..erk...


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