21 July, 2011

Thank You Mr. Guide :)

Sumandak in the house :)

Regarding my previous entry, you were right...they are our guide during our Mount Kinabalu Expedition 2011. I really appreciate to have them as our guide because they are very helpful. Yes it is their job to make sure we follow the guidelines and all that but I think they have given more than that.

my sister's leg is cramp and Mr. Guide is helping her...hahaha

Thank you Mr. Guide :) I hope we can have all of you back on our next expedition. My next entry will be about the expedition, so I am going to leave you with the picture below as a sneak peek...hehe

the first light can be seen from the top, the beginning of the sunrise...

20 July, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Who Were They?

Wordless Wednesday : who were they?

Wait for the next entry to find out. 
But you are welcome to guess if you want to...hehehe

19 July, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Finally we reached Mr. M's brother home sweet home...

From the outside look, I thought it was just a common kampung house. I was wrong. Definitely wrong. The moment I set my foot inside the house, I was like...speechless. Is this house really exist? Watch the pictures below to see what I mean...

Wood and rattan design from the ceiling to the floor. Very interesting, isn't it? I thought the design was made by someone who is working with the interior design thing. Surprisingly, it was 100% design and installed by my BIL's father in-law (did I say this right?...hahaha).Okay, the design may not glamorous enough to win the best interior design but personally I am very impressed! And I know each space has been given special touch. I can feel it...

Neil, the cute little guy who loves camera very much :)
What I like the most about the design can keep the room cool although the hot weather outside. Maybe it was the wood and rattan absorbed the heat and change it to cool temperatures (^_^) If only I can have a home like this...

Alright, enough about that homey home :)

It was still early so we decided to visit BIL dragon fruit plantation. It took approximately 10 minutes driving from his home. Their plantation is quite large, I did have a great time walking here and there acting as a successful farmer...hahaha. Just kidding, actually I was enjoying the view and can't get enough of it :) I wish all my siblings were here because I know how much they enjoy taking pictures...

Okay, time to go home but before that we were served with dragon fruit. Yuuummmy (^_^)     

The end of my Kuching Rushing Trip story. I hope you enjoy the journey reading my ramblings...hehehe

13 July, 2011

Wordless Wednesday : Unique Interior Design

Wordless Wednesday : Unique Interior Design

Will blog about this later :)

08 July, 2011

Pekan Lundu, Sarawak

Sumandak in the house :)

This story is a continuation from my previous entry.

After the long hours sitting in the car, finally we reached a small town called Pekan Lundu. The town is located in the Southwest Division of Kuching and bordered by West Kalimantan Indonesia. Pekan Lundu is just a small town but surprisingly, it has its own beauty and attractions.

The first thing I notice is the temple. I never entered a temple before and this is also my first time to watched it from a close range. Although I have the chance to look inside the temple, I didn't do it. Mr. M said it is not a crime but I just can't. So we ended taking pictures outside the temple :)

Another attraction at the Pekan Lundu is the giant vase. I become a model that day with Mr. M being the photographer....hahahaha

One thing I really like about the town is very clean! Some of the buildings may seem dull and old but their owners are very concerned about cleanliness. I didn't see rubbish scattered on the road or behind buildings, especially food outlets. And I really respect them for that...nowadays it is very hard to find a clean town. I am not giving such praise blindly, I wrote what I saw :)

The people here also very nice and friendly. Looks like they know each other very well. I mean they can easily recognize new faces at their town. They will ask you warmly where you coming from, how long will you stay and wishing you will have a good time during the stay :)

After sightseeing and enjoy a cup of coffee, we continue the journey...One more thing, I can see that almost every lot at Pekan Lundu got this parabola thing. I wish I have one at home, unfortunately it is forbidden to have one in Kota Kinabalu...hehehehe

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