21 March, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : I Am Yours

Wordless Wednesday : I am yours...

17 March, 2012


He had so much fun, sampai tidak mau pulang (^_^)

15 March, 2012

Why We Keep Coming Back...

This is why we keep coming capture the awesome view, getting inspired at the mountain or perhaps looking for adventure. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Sorry for the not-so-good a.k.a poor photo editing...I don't know how to use Photoshop, I only familiar with the basic editing at Picasa (^_^) 

Sunrise at Mount Kinabalu

The Low's Peak shadow...

The South Peak

It was like painting the this one!

St. John Peak

Donkey Ears Peak

The art of the tree?? hmmm...

Me and my sisters the one and only favorite tree at the trail...

Looking forward for the next trip :)

08 March, 2012

Mt. Kinabalu Low's Peak, Chapter I of 2012

View from Gunting Lagadan Hut at 1.30am

Continued from the previous entry, conquering the Mt. Kinabalu Low's Peak :)

Waking up at 1.30am. First thing I did was running outside to check the weather...OMG! Its was so beautiful outside the Gunting Lagadan Hut. The temperature read 6 Celsius, moon smiling and stars are glittering, the UFO man also say hi (okay just kidding)...meaning we can continue the climb. Yeaaaaah, what a lucky day!

Checking on Mr. M, he was in a very good shape and cannot wait to start. He said, this will be our last climb as a 'bujang' so we must do the best of it. Ya right...whatever (^_^)


As we climb, I pray that the beautiful weather will last until we descending down. This time, it was quite an easy climbing, except for the windy situation plus the wet rocks and ropes. What was I thinking, I only bring one pair of gloves and it was already wet the moment I touch the ropes. Ugggh!! Luckily, I eat DETERMINATION for breakfast so a wet gloves was just a small matter...hahaha

Finally, Mr. M managed to conquer the Low's Peak! He was so excited he threw RM1 into the wishing pond with a typical words from him - pontokon okuno numbur (paling astaga!)

Oh, sekadar gambar hiasan...haha
That's it, my third attempt and still counting...maybe next time I will try Via Ferrata on Mount Kinabalu but first of all...must cure the gayat thing. Yakin Boleh!

Like my mum said, "buat apa juga kamurang ni balik-balik pigi gunung??" Well, found out why on my next entry...

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