15 April, 2010

Yes, Women Can

Malaysian women have made their presence felt in business and the civil service. Many hold top jobs. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, bankers, architects and engineers count among them. Yet they don’t dominate the field. They have to stand up boldly to be counted.

The time has come for women entrepreneurs to change their approaches and business models to venture into businesses and industries such as transport, shipping, warehousing and telecommunications.

Yet, there are women somewhere around this globe treated like as second class even lowest.

Source :  Insight Sabah - Empowering Malaysian women - Fairer sex, bolder business moves

Girl, 3, Battered To Death

I nearly choked with my own coffee this morning when I read this NST Online Girl, 3, battered to death
Seriously, what is going on with the human now days???
How could you abuse a child? A child is a precious gift form God and it is your responsibility to give them love and life.
Not to take their life like a coward!!

14 April, 2010

The Goodness Of Guava

Guava or guava drink is used in some countries as medicine, because it is very rich in Vitamins A, B, C potassium, fibres and iron.

Its Vitamin C far exceeds (5 times more) that of orange extracts, hence it treats coughs, colds and scurvy.
As for the fruit and mostly juices as well, there are arrays of benefits in treating high blood, high cholesterol and congestion in heart and lung.

One may also find these beneficial effects from one or another fruit or fruit juice but guava appears to have more to offer.

No wonder it has earned its name as multi-purpose healer. 

Check out the whole story here
Credit to Herbert Hsu, Daily Express

The Longest Night

I woke up in the middle of the night.
It was cold and silent.
I felt empty inside...
Felt that something was slipping away from my grasp.
But what?
I don't care for the answer right now.
I force myself to sleep.
I don't want my mind to start wandering,
it will search for something to think...
Not now...
Because I know, when it start
it will never end.
One was never enough!
Rolled to the right,
rolled to the left.
No different.
The sleep was too stubborn to take me.
Try again...
I closed my eyes,
counted the seconds with the clock.
Finally the sleep claimed me.
My lips are smiling when it carry me away,
because I won the night.
There is no sweet dream as a reward,
but one thing for sure...
A new day will greet me in the morning.

(The Longest Night, by Sumandak)

Pekan Nabalu, Sabah

Pekan Nabalu is located between Kota Kinabalu and Ranau, Sabah. If you drive from Kota Kinabalu to Ranau, this place is the right spot to stop for a short break. 

There are a lot of things they sold here such as fruits, vegetables, fruits, a variety kind of rice that sold by the villagers but the main market is handicrafts. Take your time visiting each stall and if you are a good negotiator you can buy handicrafts with a best price :D

And of course, this is the place where you can get a beautiful view of Mount Kinabalu. If you a person who not afraid of the height (you know what I try the 40ft Tower. The tower was made for this purpose, enjoying the view and capturing pictures of the surroundings offered by nature.    

Personally, this is my favorite spot. Whenever we went to visit grandma at Kundasang, I never failed to stop at Pekan Nabalu.   
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