14 April, 2010

The Longest Night

I woke up in the middle of the night.
It was cold and silent.
I felt empty inside...
Felt that something was slipping away from my grasp.
But what?
I don't care for the answer right now.
I force myself to sleep.
I don't want my mind to start wandering,
it will search for something to think...
Not now...
Because I know, when it start
it will never end.
One was never enough!
Rolled to the right,
rolled to the left.
No different.
The sleep was too stubborn to take me.
Try again...
I closed my eyes,
counted the seconds with the clock.
Finally the sleep claimed me.
My lips are smiling when it carry me away,
because I won the night.
There is no sweet dream as a reward,
but one thing for sure...
A new day will greet me in the morning.

(The Longest Night, by Sumandak)


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