30 November, 2010

Last Entry

Okay, this the last entry for November 2010. Hehe...
Time is so fast, in the blink of eyes tomorrow is already December. Means, Christmas is just around the corner...hehehe. How's your Christmas preparation so far...For the kids, there is only one thing in their mind ~ new clothes :) As for the grown up, Christmas means more than that. We have to be well prepared inside and spiritually...we have the whole month of December, so we'll talk more about Christmas later :)

Seriously, I am so sorry for being late doing this but better late than never. First, thanks to Stella for this Anugerah Blog Harapan. hehe...Ada harapan kah blog saya nie :) Because I think my blog is still 'lintang pukang' and no 'hala tuju'...hahaha.

Second, a big hug to Azura for this Friendship Award. I cannot believe that I meet so many people with a different background here. So many to learn, watch and share here...and thank God everyone is friendly.

So this two awards dedicated to all my followers, everyone can take it because everyone deserve it and because of you this blog is ALIVE!

Now, lets get serious >.< Everyone is busy with their own contest. Guess what, I been thinking about it too but still looking for a gift. Can you suggest one? hahaha...and seriously, who want to join please raise your hands (hehehe)

Okay, okay...before I go. Big thanks to Med's for being my 100 followers. Oh, that means my blog got 'Harapan' right? hahaha...


Yesterday, I read in Ellen's blog about asthma. Seriously, don't underestimate asthma. If you don't handle it properly, it can cause a big problem. So, today lets learn a little bit what is asthma. If you have tips how to cure asthma, please share it here because Ellen is asking for a tips...

Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes (airways) that causes swelling and narrowing (constriction) of the airways. The result is difficulty breathing. The bronchial narrowing is usually either totally or at least partially reversible with treatments

Asthma affects people differently. Each individual is unique in their degree of reactivity to environmental triggers. This naturally influences the type and dose of medication prescribed, which may vary from one individual to another.

Typical symptoms and signs of asthma

The symptoms of asthma vary from person to person and in any individual from time to time. It is important to remember that many of these symptoms can be subtle and similar to those seen in other conditions. All of the symptoms mentioned below can be present in other respiratory, and sometimes, in heart conditions. This potential confusion makes identifying the settings in which the symptoms occur and diagnostic testing very important in recognizing this disorder.

The following are the four major recognized asthma symptoms: 
a) Shortness of breath, especially with exertion or at night

b) Wheezing is a whistling or hissing sound when breathing out

c) Coughing may be chronic, is usually worse at night and early morning, and may occur after exercise or when exposed to cold, dry air

d) Chest tightness may occur with or without the above symptoms

Asthma Home Remedies


Asthma treatment using Honey
Honey is one of the most common home remedies for asthma. It is said that if a jug of honey is held under the nose of an asthma patient and he inhales the air that comes into contact with it, he starts breathing easier and deeper.

Asthma treatment using Figs
Among fruits, figs have proved very valuable in asthma. They give comfort to the patient by draining off the phlegm. Three or four dry figs should be cleaned thoroughly with warm water and soaked overnight.

Asthma treatment using Lemon
Lemon is another fruit found beneficial in the treatment of asthma. The juice of one lemon, diluted in a glass of water and taken with meals, will bring good results.

More Asthma Home Remedies here

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29 November, 2010


Monday morning motivation for today...
The secret of happiness is not doing the things that you like but liking the things that you do...
Smile everyone and enjoy your day...
Stay tuned, will be right back ^ ^ 

27 November, 2010

The Nipper

Title : The Nipper
Author : Charlie Mitchell
ISBN-10: 0007292597
ISBN-13: 978-0007292592

The heartbreaking true story of a little boy and his violent childhood in working class Dundee

Okay, novel of the week is “The Nipper” by Charlie Mitchell. This novel has been written based on his real life story. Since from his early childhood, the author had been abused physically and mentally by his father. “Dad has pressed a burning teaspoon on my face and he’s holding in there long enough to get a result – he’s scored a goal and he grins because he can see that I’m in agony as I’ve started screaming out in pain…..And it has only begun”.

I couldn’t tell you how it is felt like when I read his terrifying experiences. Dad and Mum broke up when I was ten months old..” Poor Charlie who screamed in agony asking his dad to stop, yet it triggered his dad to give him more and more. It can long last for hours and he would just stop when he reached his goal. No one could help him because it was just him and his father in that house. They are sometimes twelve-hour interrogation sessions, with nipping, bitting, poking in the eyes, and pulling clumps of hair from my head.” 

Charlie’s dad is expertise in manipulating others plus having different personality when he is sober; sometimes he could be funny and telling jokes. Charlie made the decision to stay with his father because his dad has toxicated his pure mind with such facts that his mum much worse if Charlie decided to live with her. 

Even he is just a kid; Charlie knew how to deal with his personal life. “When I’m at school and free of my jailer I put up a front to protect myself..I clown it up”. No one ever knew that deep within his veil, he is just a lonely child and living hell everyday with violence; pain, agony and blood.

“He drags me from one side of the room to the other, stamping on my head and picking things up from the table to hit me with, stopping every ten minutes for another drink.” “The punches are coming from all angles; kicks and knees are then added, and a few toe punts in the balls nearly finish me off..” Over and over again, Charlie got beaten; abused by his own dad and it continued for years. I wonder how Charlie managed to survive when there is no love; just fear, anger and pain.

When he grew up, drugs and drink became Charlie’s choice, and the violence that followed was caused by his decision to take them, as they would trigger memories of his childhood. “I don’t want to be in the negative limbo land of drugtaking and violence; I don’t want to be running all my life from a father whose anger has infected my mind and whose sickness has eaten into my soul; I don’t want to see that blackness behind the eyes when I stare into the glass.” His terrible childhood experiences devastated Charlie’s life where his Dad still has a strangehold on his soul. Anywhere he went and even in every action and decision that he made, that strangehold would affect Charlie. “So much for my new start, my new dreams, my new hopes, my new life…”

I don’t feel guilty for saying what I said the night I walked out of his house when I was sixteen, when I told him I didn’t care less if he lived or died. When I was less than four years old I was in a tug between my mum and my dad. I told the judge I wanted to be with my dad. It was a bad choice, but then again, four-years-old kids aren’t very good at multiple-choice tests. And besides, I paid the price for my bad choice for years and years to come. But hey, that’s life.But that’s all in the past. I’ve got my life back and if there is such thing as karma – and I believe there is – all debts have been paid. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Charlie together again. But Sophie did.”

Finally, Charlie settled down with Sophie who he still believe that she was sent to him from heaven. He really glad and grateful that Sophie has came into his life and turned everything around. “One thing I know for certain: I will never treat my children the way treated me.

When I think about him now I think he did love me, but that he was twisted, so any love he showed me quickly turned to hate, probably because he hated himself.

"Life is too short to be holding grudges or thinking about the past, and anyone from any walk of life can turn things around if they want it badly enough." Mitchell, C.

Interested? Check the nearest bookstore or buy online on AMAZON, ACMAMALL, MPH ONLINE, TIMES BOOKSTORE and BOOKXCESS
Another suggestion, just go to the nearest library.

Credit to my sister Jess for this book review :)

26 November, 2010

Faith And Hope

Faith and hope, that’s what we really need right now. Last week I promise to tell you about Mr. M’s father. Before I write more, please take note that this is not some kind of ‘minta simpati’ entry. I just want to share how I feel right now, if I don’t let it out I’m afraid I will explode! And I prefer to express it on writing rather than speaking face to face with someone.

Last week, Mr. M’s father has been warded again. The last time is in April because his blood pressure is in alarming sign. The next morning he is paralyzed till now and his condition get worsen. He cannot speak, cannot move, his eyes are expressionless…the doctor said his lung and brain were infected. I was like OMG, now what?

Mr. M digests the news calmly but I know deep down it broke his heart. He didn’t tell or show his feeling to me but I guess when you love someone that much, you just know…
This week, the doctor advice the family to bring and look after Mr. M’s father at home because the doctor said there is not much he can do about his condition. What was that means to you? 

As far as I know, this situation demands a lot of sacrifice. Family members take turns to look after his father at the hospital. Do you have any idea how to work with panda eyes where your brain is numb and dizzy? While his father at the hospital, me and Mr. M went to see him every night. My mum said I don’t need to go there every night because there is nothing I can do. Besides, we will only make the space crowded. It’s true, there is nothing we can do but we can support each other by coming and let his father see familiar faces…
A lot of planned event also got canceled. I didn’t celebrate my birthday this year because Mr. M’s father is warded at that time. Mr. M insists but I can’t. Then last week, I gave my siblings two of my dinner ticket because Mr. M’s father warded again for the second time. And this week, I cannot attend the family gathering (the event is tomorrow) at Kg. Bundu Tuhan because in case something happen, I want to be there for Mr. M.

This situation makes me and Mr. M closer than ever. We’ve been through a lot of hard times and that hard times makes our relationship grow stronger. We also learn that consideration is very important…

Anyway, whatever the doctor said…we still have faith in God because He is the one and only who can decide your life and death. Remember as long you have faith, there is always hope...

More Misses Than Hits For '2 Alam'

IN the 1980s, the rallying cry "Malaysia Boleh" took the nation by storm. It was a slogan spurring Malaysians to excel in whatever they put their minds to. And they have.

They have trekked across the South Pole, sailed solo around the world, reached the peak of Mount Everest and launched into outer space. But that's not all. Some don't just try to break any record, they want to create one at the box office.

First-time film producer Datuk Dr Che Rozmey Che Din is one of them.
He recently announced that his film, 2 Alam, about a transvestite who commits suicide, would collect RM40 million at the box office. Many were heartened, although a little sceptical, with his lofty ambition.

But then, he went overboard with his publicity campaign and became an object of ridicule.

Through daily advertorials in a newspaper, Rozmey made preposterous announcements.

Among them were claims that 30 million Malaysians have sworn to watch 2 Alam when it opens in cineplexes, that the film will be shown in all 700 screens in the country, and the most ludicrous -- that cinema operators would postpone the release of Hollywood blockbuster Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 to make way for 2 Alam.

Rozmey's promotional team marketed the film using the "Ddr way" -- by marketing Rozmey instead of the film or its actors.

The film's posters feature not the stars, Aaron Aziz and Suhaillah Salam, but Rozmey. He also went on a solo promotional tour signing autographs and taking photos with fans. And he continued to make absurd claims in his advertorials and on his Facebook page.

When the media criticised the film as "trash and a waste of time and money", he announced that there was a conspiracy by entertainment reporters to see him fail. He refused to hold a press preview and arrogantly said that he did not need the media to succeed.

On the days leading up to the opening of 2 Alam on Nov 18, one after another of his claims crumbled. Cinemas in Singapore did not show the film on Nov 18. The film also failed to open in Brunei that day.

A week after he announced that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1's release would be delayed by a week, GSC Cinemas announced that the film would open on Nov 17, a day earlier than 2 Alam.

On opening day, the first two slots for the movie played to almost empty halls across the country prompting some cinema operators to move it to smaller halls for the evening slots. Even then, the movie played to half full seats. The film was shown on fewer than 60 screens.

But Rozmey confidently announced on his Facebook page that the film was on target to hit RM40 million and that all Malaysians had admitted that he was their film champion.

He even claimed that in Kedah (his hometown), tickets for the evening and midnight shows on Nov 18 were sold out, when in reality, cinemas in Kedah do not have evening shows on Thursdays (the last show is at 5pm) as regulated by the state government.

On Friday, in a desperate attempt to get moviegoers to cinemas, he claimed the film's collection on the first day was RM2 million, surpassing even the first day collection of Avatar, the highest grossing film in Malaysia so far. In truth, 2 Alam made a measly RM80,000 on opening day.

For any film to hit RM40 million, it has to make a minimum collection of RM10 million on opening day and RM25 million in its first week. This is based on the fact that every week, a movie's collection drops by 50 per cent. Even Hollywood's biggest movie can't achieve that figure.

2 Alam's first day collection was less than RM100,000 and based on past performances of local films that opened to a similar figure, 2 Alam's first week collection will be less than RM1 million.

Only one of two things can help Rozmey achieve his dream of turning 2 Alam into a RM40 million blockbuster -- a miracle. Or he could buy the RM40 million worth of tickets himself.

Sure enough, 2 Alam has become a film people will remember.

source : NST Online
credit to : Meor Shariman

Have you watched this movie?
I haven't and I don't even know what this movie all about. I just want to say that sometimes 'over confident' can kill yourself...So watch your words ^ ^

25 November, 2010

Please Forgive Me

Please forgive me! Seriously...
I am still in busy mood. I know, I shouldn't use this excuse but its true and cannot help it...
Anyway, thanks for always coming here. To my new followers, thanks for following me. Will visit your site soon...And for those who drop their footprints on my chatbox, will reply yours too later. Really, really sorry about this...And to my regular visitors (you know who you are) Thanks for always visit me here, really appreciate it...
Thats all for now. You all have fun ya...wink2

24 November, 2010

Malaysian Public Toilets Flunk Cleanliness Test

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – An official says Malaysia's public toilets are still flunking the government's cleanliness tests despite public awareness campaigns.

The official with the Housing and Local Government Ministry says authorities found half of more than 5,700 toilets in schools, restaurants, shopping malls and other places were not clean and hygienic.

He says only 7 percent of the toilets inspected earlier this year got the maximum five stars. More than 51 percent of the toilets received only one or two stars. The best toilets got cash prices Monday at a celebration of World Toilet Day.

He says it was "disappointing" as the image of the country and people's health were at stake. The official spoke on condition of anonymity Tuesday, citing protocol.

source : Yahoo News, Malaysia

So, who is to blame? The authorities, users or the cleaners?? If I went to a restaurant, I will do my best to avoid their toilets. Its hard to find clean toilets, even the 'paid' toilets also dirty and look creepy inside...

23 November, 2010


Meet the SPM boy, hahaha...
Like everyone know, today is the day. I mean the SPM exam start today and my brother will start his first paper today. I am not sure about his prepation because I rarely see him study. All I know is, every night my laptop will gone mysteriously. With a simple investigation, I found out that every night he will took my laptop and play his favorite game! hahaha...I scolded him for playing a game and not studying but all he do is SMILE! Whatever...I hope he will do his best, I know he can do it.

To all SPM candidates, wishing you all the best!

22 November, 2010


Monday morning motivation for today...
Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom
Have a fun Monday :)

20 November, 2010

Back For Good

Morning everyone, I am back for good :)
I think its been ages I didn't update my blog but thank God I have the opportunity to write something today. I also would like to say thanks for everyone for keep supporting me, really appreciate it...

A lot of things happen this week. Not only busy with work but something happen to Mr. M's father (will elaborate more in the next entry). Gee, sometimes life can be so cruel. But I am not complaining, this is what we called life. Sometimes up, sometimes down. The important thing is, how we deal with it...

And against all odds, I manage to finish one book. A great story and I can finish a book in my 'crazy week'? Book is my obsession, remember? hehe...When I read, nothing can stop me :) Will share the story next Saturday...

Alright, that's all for now. Have an amazing weekend everyone...

16 November, 2010

Quick Update

Dear friends,
I am still in busy mood...
I know you are waiting for me to read your entry (hahaha...perasan)
Be patient okay, I will be there before you know it :)
I hate for being late to read your entry but better late than never right...
So I guess thats all for now...
Please stay tuned because I will be right back (Si Biskut said it sound like ads...hahaha)

15 November, 2010


Monday Morning Motivation for today...
Sometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what's coming next.  
Stay tuned, will be right back :)

14 November, 2010

Weekend's Update

Hi everyone, how's your weekend? Any interesting story?
Its raining here and I am watching CSI with my lappy on my lap...hehehe
Oh, I want to introduce someone to you...

Tadaaa, meet our new family member :) I mean our new pet. Actually we can't keep cat in our house because there are the dogs. Everyone knows cats and dogs cannot mix together because it can cause a huge disaster...hahahaha
The things is, rats are terrorizing our house. Not only that, my brother caught one of the creepy creature red handed...eating the chick alive! Seriously, I am not kidding. Dad said, it was some kind of vengeance because we caught lots of rats using a trap...

Thats why we need cat in our house. I hope he can help us protect the house and the chicks...hehe. I am not sure how we can adjust the cat and the dogs but we'll find a way. Previously, we have cat in the house but he ran away...maybe he cannot stand the dogs, always barking and chased whenever he set foot outside. Poor him...We look for him but couldn't find him. We are still wandering where did he go...

Our kitten doesn't have a name yet. My sister still looking for the right name. There are a lot of suggestion...Tutu, Omizuka, Incik M...hahaha. But mum wanted to called him Bulontoi and my sister said its too long...For now, we just called him Meow :)
Can you suggest a name for me??

13 November, 2010

What Is In Your Bag Challenge

~ my crocodile bag, hahaha... ~
What is in your bag challenge, dare to reveal it?? hahaha...
Okay, I was tag by lets check it out ^ ^

tadaaaa...nothing special. Just a regular stuff you can find in ladies bag...hahaha

a must bring stuff, wherever I go. Purse, handphone, music player and book...

anyone recognize this stuff, hahaha...this is a must too, sediakan payung sebelum hujan ^ ^

So, any weird stuff?? hahaha...
Let us know what can we found in your bag. It doesn't matter if you are ladies or men. Sometimes, men also bring bag right??
The question is, dare to take the challenge??

12 November, 2010

Must Read!

KUALA LUMPUR : A 20 year old virgin who does not do drugs and has not any blood transfusion but has tested HIV positive, is believed to have contracted the virus during a visit to the dentist.

The woman, a Malaysian working in Singapore, tested positive last month when she went for health screening before renewing her work permit. She broke down on the spot when told of the test result. "Her whole world was shattered (by the news)", said a relative of hers.

(source : Daily Express ~ page 12)

I was like OMG! Seriously, this is not acceptable. The Malaysian AIDS Council said it was a rare case and the public should have no fear of going to the dentist but...that means AIDS virus can be spread during dental treatment if the dentist not cleaned the instruments thoroughly! This is so scary...

11 November, 2010

Season In The Sun :)

Remember last Friday I told you about the birthday party invitation?
This is where the party took place...

I don’t know where she got the idea to celebrate her birthday here but I guess she read my entry about Sungai Pikot…hahaha
We had so much fun that day and most important thing, we have barbecue near the river :)
BUT next time, we better cook the meal at home before bringing it because it took 45 minutes to set the fire…hahahaha
If it’s not for me (laugh out loud), all of us will went home with a sour face (laughing again)

To set the fire is one thing and waiting for the meal was another thing. The birthday girl bring 4kg chicken wings, can you believe that?! And there are only 13 people to finish it. Not to mention hotdogs, prawns….burrrrrrrp! Seriously, this is the best birthday party I’ve ever attend. Also, our first time singing birthday song at the river…hahahaha

Finally, the ‘mintolop’ session…or should I say the main program of the day. hahahaha…
OMG! All of us acting like a school children, playing in the water like we never been there. What a day to spend the holiday. We were so tired by the end of the day but who cares? We had joy, we had fun and we had season in the sun…that’s all that matters to us :)

09 November, 2010

A Letter To Dad

Dear Dad,

We just want to say that we Love you more than words can say. Perhaps more than you knows. We're very grateful to have a wonderful Dad, with a wonderful fatherhood...
We've been through a lot of hard times and I am glad we are still together, means we need each other.

Because of you, we work our best to become someone you can be proud of. Because of you, we learn that forgiveness can free someone from a hard feeling. And from you, we learn that along in our journey of life, it is not gonna be easy like a bed of roses, there will be up and down.     

So, on your special day this wish for joy is warmly meant to you...Because you're always thought about in such a special way, because you always do so much to brighten any day. Because you bring such happiness to others all year through...

Happy 53rd Birthday Dad...Hope that we can have more celebrations of your birthday ahead :)

Love and Kisses,
Mum, Jane, JacQ, Jacinta, Jud, Just, Jessy, Joan, Jackson, Jcka and Clinton 
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