24 November, 2010

Malaysian Public Toilets Flunk Cleanliness Test

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – An official says Malaysia's public toilets are still flunking the government's cleanliness tests despite public awareness campaigns.

The official with the Housing and Local Government Ministry says authorities found half of more than 5,700 toilets in schools, restaurants, shopping malls and other places were not clean and hygienic.

He says only 7 percent of the toilets inspected earlier this year got the maximum five stars. More than 51 percent of the toilets received only one or two stars. The best toilets got cash prices Monday at a celebration of World Toilet Day.

He says it was "disappointing" as the image of the country and people's health were at stake. The official spoke on condition of anonymity Tuesday, citing protocol.

source : Yahoo News, Malaysia

So, who is to blame? The authorities, users or the cleaners?? If I went to a restaurant, I will do my best to avoid their toilets. Its hard to find clean toilets, even the 'paid' toilets also dirty and look creepy inside...


  1. Users and the authorities are both to be blamed. Our public toilets are still a far cry from the western equivalents. Sya selalu pulang rumah baru birak...hehehe

  2. masih ramai yang tidak sedar tentang kebersihan toilet,Kurang sivik dan disiplin.

  3. Sia jenis nda tahan buang small biz.. tepksa tabahkan diri.. muahahah..

  4. sikitnye hanya 7% toilet 5 star..hurm..

    p/s: tenkiu wish besday cik tom :)

  5. @Gunsirit, hahaha...saya pun sanggup lagi pulang rumah dari masuk tu tempat :)

  6. @Biskut, memang betul. Sedih lag tengok tandas-tandas awam berbayar tapi keadaan punya lah teruk...tak terkata nie

  7. @Just, kuroyon poh lah kan. Tutup mata ja, hehehe...

  8. @Cik Tom, apa nak buat. Kesedaran orang awam tentang kebersihan tandas masih kurang...di tambah lagi dengan vandalism. hmmm...tak tau nak cakap apa dah. Kerajaan dah buat itu ini, mulut pun dah berbuih bagi ceramah, hakikatnya Tuhan saja yang tahu.

    p/s Welcome :)


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