30 November, 2010

Last Entry

Okay, this the last entry for November 2010. Hehe...
Time is so fast, in the blink of eyes tomorrow is already December. Means, Christmas is just around the corner...hehehe. How's your Christmas preparation so far...For the kids, there is only one thing in their mind ~ new clothes :) As for the grown up, Christmas means more than that. We have to be well prepared inside and spiritually...we have the whole month of December, so we'll talk more about Christmas later :)

Seriously, I am so sorry for being late doing this but better late than never. First, thanks to Stella for this Anugerah Blog Harapan. hehe...Ada harapan kah blog saya nie :) Because I think my blog is still 'lintang pukang' and no 'hala tuju'...hahaha.

Second, a big hug to Azura for this Friendship Award. I cannot believe that I meet so many people with a different background here. So many to learn, watch and share here...and thank God everyone is friendly.

So this two awards dedicated to all my followers, everyone can take it because everyone deserve it and because of you this blog is ALIVE!

Now, lets get serious >.< Everyone is busy with their own contest. Guess what, I been thinking about it too but still looking for a gift. Can you suggest one? hahaha...and seriously, who want to join please raise your hands (hehehe)

Okay, okay...before I go. Big thanks to Med's for being my 100 followers. Oh, that means my blog got 'Harapan' right? hahaha...


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