14 November, 2010

Weekend's Update

Hi everyone, how's your weekend? Any interesting story?
Its raining here and I am watching CSI with my lappy on my lap...hehehe
Oh, I want to introduce someone to you...

Tadaaa, meet our new family member :) I mean our new pet. Actually we can't keep cat in our house because there are the dogs. Everyone knows cats and dogs cannot mix together because it can cause a huge disaster...hahahaha
The things is, rats are terrorizing our house. Not only that, my brother caught one of the creepy creature red handed...eating the chick alive! Seriously, I am not kidding. Dad said, it was some kind of vengeance because we caught lots of rats using a trap...

Thats why we need cat in our house. I hope he can help us protect the house and the chicks...hehe. I am not sure how we can adjust the cat and the dogs but we'll find a way. Previously, we have cat in the house but he ran away...maybe he cannot stand the dogs, always barking and chased whenever he set foot outside. Poor him...We look for him but couldn't find him. We are still wandering where did he go...

Our kitten doesn't have a name yet. My sister still looking for the right name. There are a lot of suggestion...Tutu, Omizuka, Incik M...hahaha. But mum wanted to called him Bulontoi and my sister said its too long...For now, we just called him Meow :)
Can you suggest a name for me??


  1. meooowwww...hahaha...
    a new pet in the house ^_______^

  2. hi juga sumandak.. hujan owh di penang ni..kalau pakai selimut besh betul hehe

  3. comelnya...............:)
    ko suka kucing juga pula


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