05 November, 2010

The Cursed Bed

The cursed bed...there is always a scientific explaination

There was this case in this hospital's Intensive Care ward where patients always died in the same bed on Friday mornings around 9am regardless of their age, gender, medical history or medical condition.

This puzzled the doctors and some even thought that it had to do with the supernatural: Why did death occur at that same bed around the same time every Friday?

So the doctors decided to go down to that particular ward to investigate the cause of the deaths.

Come Friday morning, everyone at the hospital ward nervously waited for the terrible phenomenon to occur again. The new (unknowing) patient laid there.

Some doctors held wooden crosses, prayer books and other holy objects to ward off evil...and they waited.

8am, the patient was still alive...

8.30am...still breathing...

Just before the 'cursed' time, the door to the ward swung open...

Then Ah Soh, the part-time Friday cleaner, comes in and unplugs the life support system so that she can use the vacuum cleaner!

Happy Friday everyone :)


  1. ahahah LOL.. nice sharing. Ngam jugak ba kan napa jadi gitu. Ingat la ada supernatural power. Rupanya macam tu ja. Punyala sia ala2 nervous baca entry ni.. hehehe... singgah sini ya..

  2. ah song cleaner is a killer!OMG!Beware with cleaners.

  3. Napa tiba2 cursed bed ni Sumandak?..
    scary juga lah.. but nice post :)
    bertobat sblm tiba waktu nya :)

  4. The death occur at the same time,
    same day, and on the same bed? uhh.
    But, when i get through,
    lol~ hahahaha..

    Nice post! Thumbsup!

  5. haha, happy deepavali mandak

  6. Oh man. Pasal vacuum saja ka? Hahaha.. Nice one! Happy holidays, mandak..

  7. LOL.that one is funny :) hv a NICE DAY

  8. @ztie, thanks for reading. Come again next time :)

  9. @Si Biskut, hahahaha...Jangan pula lepas nie trus lari kalau jumpa cleaner ^ ^

  10. @Stella, the story is just for fun... Anyway, we have to be prepared, jangan tunggu last minute because we will never know our panggilan...

  11. @Azza Zahra, seriously when I first read it I never thought that the ending will be like that...hahaha

  12. @Annie Ming, bikin panas ja kan...hahahaha
    Happy holidays to you too :)

  13. @goldflower86, you have a nice day too :)

  14. @Just, sakit hati kah ending dia??? hahahahaha...


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