30 September, 2011

Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway

Malaysia Commemorative Coins

Sumandak in the house :)

Are you coins collector? Well this is your chance to win Malaysia Commemorative Coins. All you have to do is join this Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway

Giveaway Terms & Condition:
1. Write a blog post with a title "Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway" and give a link to this entry/post in your blog posts.
2. Your blog posts can be written in any language.
3. Tag at least 3 of your blogger friends in your post.
4. Comment in this entry with your written post url/permalink.
5. The contest will end 12am (gmt +8, Malaysia time), 1 October 2011.
6. Anyone with a blog a welcome to join. Only one entry per blog is allowed.

Very easy, isn't it? But you will need the word LUCK (^_^) since winner will be choose by poll system. Mr. M loves this coins thing, he doesn't have a blog so I joined this giveaway on behalf of him...hahahaha. And here are the three blogger friends that I choose randomly JustgadisBunga and Rose Ragai

Good luck to me and everyone :)

27 September, 2011

Goodbye, Till We Meet Again

Sumandak in the house...

Okay, this is the last chapter of The Climb. Don't worry, I will keep it simple by sharing a few pictures while descending from Laban Rata (^_^) What can we say, it was a tiring experience but very rewarding.

Brunch at Laban Rata restaurant before descending down :)

Descending from Laban Rata

Say cheeese - credit to Dorisj Sitaun

Received the certificate at Kinabalu Park 

Mission Impossible accomplished :) 

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do...
Farewell Mount Kinabalu, till we meet again...

20 September, 2011

Descending From The Low's Peak

Alright, its time for us to descend from the Low's Peak. We take about 2 hours to reach the Sayat-Sayat Checkpoint. At the registration, the person in charge had this look "what took you so long?" hahaha...

We take our time up there taking pictures or simply stood there try to absorb the scenery. Endless pictures opportunity, endless scenery to look at...makes all the effort and pain worth it. Here are some of the pictures we captured using our humble compact camera. I am not sure how should I arrange it so I just put it randomly. 

From all the pictures, this one is truly my favourite. A picture of  my sister Just and Joan... 

We believe we can fly, hahaha...

1, 2, 3...Action! Kids, don't try this at home...

Lonely climber...

Our guide...James Bond and Osama?? hahaha...Okay just kidding!

In my previous entry, I said that I have issue with heights. Well, this is it...the path look really different in a daylight. I was like "did I seriously climb this??" All of sudden, panic hit me. I cannot move! Fortunately our guide is nearby. He is the one who told me to take a deep breath, focus on the rope only and try not to look down...

My sister enjoys it very much! I was struggling to focus on the rope (not the valleys below) and she still managed to take pictures of afraid-to-move me...hahaha. Sisters...sometimes I don't know what to do when they are not around...  

Okay, that's all for now. Will continue later with more pictures...I hope you have a good time reading it and enjoying the pictures as well. Any grammar mistake, please notify me as I would really appreciate it :)

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