19 September, 2011

Conquering The Low's Peak

Wake up.....wake up!!!

The next phase of climb, conquering The Low's Peak begin at approximately 2.30am. Most climbers wake up around 1.00am to be ready. The first thing I do is to check on Mr. M and guess what, my prediction was right. He cannot make it :( Even if he want to, eventually the guide will not allowed him to proceed. I almost cry when he wished me luck and told me to be careful...

No matter what, I have to be ready...

Seriously, its freezing inside out the hut! It was like living in the freezer. Somehow, I did manage to wash my face and brush my teeth even though the water is super duper cold! As for breakfast, the restaurant at Laban Rata open for light pre-climb breakfast. But for us who stay at Gunting Lagadan Hut, we definitely want to save our precious energy. Actually the distance is not that far but it requires a lot of energy to do it.  So we make our own drinks, bread and that famous MAGGIE cup (^_^)

Before starting the climb, another briefing from the guide. It doesn't matter if you already climb hundred of times, you still need to pay attention for your own good...last check up - torchlight / headlight, water, snacks, camera and make sure you have your name tag. Alright lets start the journey...

The early part of the climb to the summit are stairs...I mean a series of wooden ladders. It was quite dark, also the stairs can become slippery when wet. This is where your torchlight is important. A little advice, start walking slowly until you get warm. No need to rush, save the energy to make sure you have enough to conquer the peak :)

The first hour was very challenging. I myself took plenty of rests - cold, exhaustion, nausea cause by the high altitude. That kind of combination can make a good reason to give up, which some climbers do. My secret...I eat DETERMINATION for breakfast. Just kidding...hahaha.

After the tiresome stairs end, climbers emerge to a small rocky plateau which is the beginning of the open rockface also the beginning of the the exciting experience where we do the real rock climbing. It is very important climbers stay next to the white rope as it marks the safe route up to the mountain. The rope glow in the dark and can be seen even if you are in the mist, as long you stay with it there is no need to worried of being lost. One of the tourist ask the guide if its safe and strong enough for everyone. Of course the rope is safe! Okay, I don't blame him for asking but hello...we are in the middle of mountain climbing and he asked that d**n question (the truth is, i have issue with heights and a question like that was quite annoying...hahaha)

There will be some tricky parts of the climb so stay close to your guide and listen to him. It will make your ascent much easier. And seriously, don't be selfish or fight with other climbers. It happened that day, my sister witness one climber scolded another climber in front for being too slow. He cannot wait and want the climber to move aside. What a selfish and stupid action! How can someone move aside when the path is narrow? Thank God nothing bad happen.

Approximately after two hours, we reached the Sayat-Sayat checkpoint. Here, permits and registration will be checked. If you forget your name tag, you have no choice other than say goodbye to your group and return downwards. You may said forget the name tag is not a big deal but rules made for a reason you know (^_^) If you think you cannot take it anymore, Sayat-Sayat checkpoint is the perfect finish line. Don't worry, you still can get a certificate - in black and white (*_^)

When you walk past the checkpoint, altitude tends to take control making progress become slower due to frequent rests. I can deal with the headache which is common at this point, anyway I try the best I can to survive the cold wind and the weird hunger.

My sister still smiling even her leg is cramp...motive? hahaha...
It was really frustrating when each time you crest another ridge, thinking you must be near the Low's Peak, yet long climbing present itself (~~) However I do love the Korean climbers, they are very helpful. I mean they keep shouted encouraging words for everyone :)

Finally, the wide triangle of Low's Peak comes into view. At this moment, I have mix emotion. It stung a little because Mr. M was not there with me. At the same time, I was very very grateful to God for everything. As I studied the breathtaking valleys below, pride rushed into me. You know, we are so fortunate to live in peaceful country (sometimes I can be very patriotic...hmmm)  

That's it, Sumandak Kinabalu completed the task to conquer the Low's Peak for the second time and still counting (^_^) A big thanks to my sisters for some of the pictures.

To be continued...


  1. Congrats! Some great pics here too.

    BTW, napa tu plate "Id kahandaman di Gunting...." kena kasi turun tu? Mcm itu lagi yg lebih klasik

  2. @de engineur

    Saya pun kurang pasti and I forgot to ask the guide. Terkejut juga nampak, nasib juga tidak kena buang...

  3. sia suka semua gmbr ko jane! alaaa.. syg c Mr. M nda dpt naik sama2 kan... tepa la.. try lg kio... oo ada 'registration' pula sdh sana sayat2.. dulu teda kan..

  4. kalo pak jeragang dapat turut serta.... dah lama tidak merasa susana di kemuncak...... kepuasan yang sukar nak di gambarkan......

  5. Congrat! Jane for conquered the Low's peak for second time and it is inspiring to heard 'still counting"

  6. syabas 2 u!
    saya pun baru saja menawan low's peak via mesilau pada 26 dis 2011.
    memang satu kepuasan yang tak dapat di gambarkan.
    sampai sekarang masih terbayang kepayahan & kegembiraan.
    saya rindu nak ke sana lagi.


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