30 September, 2011

Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway

Malaysia Commemorative Coins

Sumandak in the house :)

Are you coins collector? Well this is your chance to win Malaysia Commemorative Coins. All you have to do is join this Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway

Giveaway Terms & Condition:
1. Write a blog post with a title "Lunaticg Duit Syiling Giveaway" and give a link to this entry/post in your blog posts.
2. Your blog posts can be written in any language.
3. Tag at least 3 of your blogger friends in your post.
4. Comment in this entry with your written post url/permalink.
5. The contest will end 12am (gmt +8, Malaysia time), 1 October 2011.
6. Anyone with a blog a welcome to join. Only one entry per blog is allowed.

Very easy, isn't it? But you will need the word LUCK (^_^) since winner will be choose by poll system. Mr. M loves this coins thing, he doesn't have a blog so I joined this giveaway on behalf of him...hahahaha. And here are the three blogger friends that I choose randomly JustgadisBunga and Rose Ragai

Good luck to me and everyone :)


  1. i am tagged! weehee tengs sumandak! i'll try to write a post on this soon. :D

  2. Hi Jane.
    Thank you for joining my giveaway. Don't forget to join my new giveaway.
    This giveaway result will be out today.

  3. Cuba lagi yang latest punya giveaway la mandak, hihihih


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