20 November, 2010

Back For Good

Morning everyone, I am back for good :)
I think its been ages I didn't update my blog but thank God I have the opportunity to write something today. I also would like to say thanks for everyone for keep supporting me, really appreciate it...

A lot of things happen this week. Not only busy with work but something happen to Mr. M's father (will elaborate more in the next entry). Gee, sometimes life can be so cruel. But I am not complaining, this is what we called life. Sometimes up, sometimes down. The important thing is, how we deal with it...

And against all odds, I manage to finish one book. A great story and I can finish a book in my 'crazy week'? Book is my obsession, remember? hehe...When I read, nothing can stop me :) Will share the story next Saturday...

Alright, that's all for now. Have an amazing weekend everyone...


  1. ya kelihatan Jane agak sibuk kebelakangan nih n have a nice weekend Jane.hope u happy.

  2. @Biskut, I hope next week boleh bernafas sikit...Too many things happened this week.
    Thanks for the wish, I hope you are happy too :)

  3. Everybody needs a little time alone.. :) And nothing can get in between reading a good story book right.. it's just so addictive..!


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