05 November, 2010

Birthday Party Invitation

Morning everyone, its Friday and its holiday....hehehehe
So, what do you plan...sleeping all day??? I was thinking about that but I have something more interesting to do...
Whatever you plan, enjoy it and be careful if you are driving...
Something interesting is brewing :) I have birthday party invitation today. When my sister tell me that the party will be held at this place, I was like OMG...Seriously??!!   
Which place?? Will tell you later...hahahaha
Thats all for now because I am so excited...

Happy Friday, happy holidays and once again Happy Deepavali :)
Can anyone send me a muruku??


  1. hehe..di manakah lokasinya tu..macam best jer..c cab pun bday hari ni kan..hehe

  2. saya excited tunggu bisuk...ada birthday someone special..hohoho


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