12 November, 2010

Must Read!

KUALA LUMPUR : A 20 year old virgin who does not do drugs and has not any blood transfusion but has tested HIV positive, is believed to have contracted the virus during a visit to the dentist.

The woman, a Malaysian working in Singapore, tested positive last month when she went for health screening before renewing her work permit. She broke down on the spot when told of the test result. "Her whole world was shattered (by the news)", said a relative of hers.

(source : Daily Express ~ page 12)

I was like OMG! Seriously, this is not acceptable. The Malaysian AIDS Council said it was a rare case and the public should have no fear of going to the dentist but...that means AIDS virus can be spread during dental treatment if the dentist not cleaned the instruments thoroughly! This is so scary...


  1. That is so efff up! WTHeck!!!! Haha I never went for dentist before and I dont think this is the right time to start either. haha

  2. alahai...cmner boleh terjadi cmni.Sistem perubatan dah tak selamat dari benda2 macam tuh.

  3. gulp! aduiii.. kesian oo tu perempuan. Misti dia trauma trus kan. Benda klu sdh mo jadi, mcmana kita prevent pun tetap jadi. Hmm..

  4. OMG. this is scary. dentist? its the same thing witht he drug addict ba kn..yg pinjam2 jarum tu.. isk3.. now..this is another thing a dentist should be aware of.
    thnks for sharing ;)

  5. Hayyo! So scary lar
    to see a dentist
    after this,ya.

  6. Adui..sia-sia hidup, di sebabkan kecuaian orang lain. Di KM ada kes kematian sebab jangkitan kuman gara-gara cabut gigi..sudahnya saya merantau sampai Tuaran untuk cabut dan tampal sebatang gigi..huhu

  7. OMG..this is scary..Prayer for the girl.
    GOD bless

  8. I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

  9. Poor girl, life is sooo unexpected. So, enjoy your life while you can, because we never know what will happen in the future :)


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