21 July, 2011

Thank You Mr. Guide :)

Sumandak in the house :)

Regarding my previous entry, you were right...they are our guide during our Mount Kinabalu Expedition 2011. I really appreciate to have them as our guide because they are very helpful. Yes it is their job to make sure we follow the guidelines and all that but I think they have given more than that.

my sister's leg is cramp and Mr. Guide is helping her...hahaha

Thank you Mr. Guide :) I hope we can have all of you back on our next expedition. My next entry will be about the expedition, so I am going to leave you with the picture below as a sneak peek...hehe

the first light can be seen from the top, the beginning of the sunrise...


  1. wow...nice pictures Jane.. honestly, sya belum pernah naik gunung Kinabalu owh hehe..:P

  2. my sunrise picture not so nice...but i would love to climb Mt. K again and this time i hope i can do the via ferrata! it rained when we were just about to go to the starting point of it! bad luck this time :(

  3. the last picture is very nice. hopefully one day I will get a chance to go up that great mount.


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