18 February, 2011

Green Corner : Bring Your Own Container

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Hello everyone, how are you doing?
I guess everyone is excited and cannot wait for the day to end because it Friday and weekend is coming...haha. Orait barait, I want to introduce my new project worth millions, anyone want to join me? hahaha...just kidding!

My regular readers know that every Monday I have a motivation corner. Today I want to add a new stuff, a green stuff and I called it Green Corner (hehehe). Means every Friday, I will share something how we can Go Green and save our earth. Sometimes, the tips may look ridiculous and some may think it is just a small thing. But believe me, even a small thing can make a big difference and the result might surprise you. Do you still want to join me and are you ready to make environmental responsibility a reality? It will hurt me if anyone say No. hahaha...okay just kidding again. Okay, here is our first Green Corner tips for today...

Bring your own container when you 'bungkus'

Bungkus means take away (correct me if I am wrong), Sabahan called it tapau (haha). If you 'bungkus nasi campur' or 'tapau roti canai', can you count how many plastic involve? Naah, everyone knows that plastic is one of the earth's enemy. Plastics are very difficult to be disposed. Do you know that plastics required 1000 years to decomposed properly through the soil? Furthermore, when it is decomposed, it will pollute the soil and water. If you burn it, smoke that come from the plastic can pollute the air and not good for our health. The frequency of our use of plastic bags will increase from time to time, so why not we try to reduce it? 

Next time you want to 'bungkus', don't forget to bring your own container. Look like a small step but imagine if everyone is doing the same thing :) Well, not all container can be recycled, anyway reuse is better than we increase our use of plastic bags.

PS : That's my new introduction of Green Corner, till next Friday :)


  1. bagus ni moi..misti mau buat mcm ni owh selalu...

  2. eh. we call it tapau too. hahaha!

    great entry sumandak. i support your efforts!

  3. u r really true dear...I still remember UMS also encourage students who want to tapau to bring their own container. No more polysterin. ^_^

  4. Sumandak,kalau tiada kontena,pakai jak daun tarap..wangi lagi hehe

  5. To be greener, I propose that we bring the timadang leaves to wrap our food. It's far better than plastic and it's bio-degradable. Ko sukung ka sumandak? mcam linopot dooolu dooolu..hehehe

  6. saya tidak tapau makanan sudah sekarang..sebab tidak makan malam sudah kunun..hehe

  7. @gadisBunga

    errk, really?? Sorry...hahaha
    Thanks for the support ya :)

  8. @Dev

    Kalau boleh, say NO to plastic lah kan...
    Tapi bukan senang mau buat tu, banyak cabaran dan godaan. Kalau semua buang the proper way tidak apa. Ini sesuka hati ja buang sana sini, bila longkang sumbat pandai pula kasih salah orang lain. hmmm...

  9. @Donny

    Daun doringin lagi wangi tu :)

  10. My teacher once said regarding this issue;




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