28 February, 2011

Get Ready For Success

work harder but don't forget to enjoy life

Monday Morning Motivation

Every successful person has a painful story. 
Every painful story has a successful ending. 
Accept the pain and get ready for success.

We always admire successful person and how we wish to be in their shoes. But do we realize that success doesn't come easy or there is no short cut way to achieve your goal. Along the way you will face pain, sacrifice, even failure. First you need to get out from your comfort zone and look for the opportunities around you. It will be a tough journey but be strong, conquer your fear. Open your mind for a new thinking, accept what the others thought. Some people may become ego and selfish. That is a way to failure because you only think about yourself, you do not care about other things even though that other things might become your key to success.  

Remember, balance is also a key to success. Of course you need to stay focus, work hard to achieve your ambition but don't forget to enjoy your life as well. What is the point being a successful person in the world when you cannot taste your own success. 

In the end, after all the sacrifice and you still failed to achieve your dreams, don't give up. Work extra harder, dig deeper. Fail once doesn't mean you will fail for the rest of your life. Being successful is not how hard we fail but how fast we get up from the rough journey. The truth is, many people just break down by the pressure and never get up due to the painful experience. 

Last but not least, when you reach the top look down for those who had help you along the journey. Help them back. Who knows when you give, the taste of success will even better :)

PS : Are you ready to begin the journey?


  1. nice motivation for me.. :D

  2. I agree with you, work harder and even harder and cultivate the fruits of your labour later on..:)

  3. Susah dahulu senang kemudian....

    Lompat dan freeze in the air dahulu... Jatoh kemudian!


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