01 March, 2011

Ramblings In The Middle Of The Night

Hello, anyone still around at this hour?

I thought we just celebrate New Year yesterday but why it is already March today? It was like a dream, time change in the blink of eyes. Don't you think so? So whether you like it or not, please welcome March 2011.

How's your 2011 so far, already achieve your goal? (~ ~). The truth is, I feel so down right now. What kind of attitude is this, I mean I have been motivate peoples around me and forgot to motivate myself? hahaha (nervous laugh)   

After 3 straight hot days, the rain finally poured the earth. While I wrote this, its raining outside. The weather is so unpredictable nowadays. It can be hot in the morning and suddenly without a warning, the rain comes in the afternoon. Just like my feeling. For the past three days, I feel so weird. A very uneasy one. It is annoying because it affect my days, my work...sigh. 

Mr. M said, I become very sensitive these past few days. Even a small thing can make me snapped. I hate myself for that, it makes me frown and thanks for it, my wrinkles now become visible (hahahahaha) but I cannot help it. I don't even know why I act such behavior. But the feeling scared me a lot, since I don't know what to expect. Is this normal? I mean have you experience similar to my situation?   

And I think I lost my momentum about this blogging thing. You can see that my update is only a bla bla bla. Not to mention blogwalking, reading, dropping words on your blog...Its been ages I didn't do that. This time I don't want to make a promise that I know I will broke. I will do the 'must do' list when the time is right.   

I wish I can talk to Miss Sunshine (you know who you are) right now. How I miss our moment together years ago, where we can talk for hours until we ran out of words. Seriously, I yearn for that moment. If only I could turn back time... 

Okay, enough of my ramblings in the middle of the night. I know my entry today is full of craps but thanks for reading anyway :) I feel a little bit better after I let out some of what my heart want to say (hahaha). I want to motivate myself today, whatever happens...stay positive, be positive and pray everything will be fine in the morning...

Good night :) 


  1. besa la ba tu kan... tepa2.. palan2 ok la ba tu.. :D

  2. hik3...time blajar yg fun..Really wish I could go back to that age again...where we have nothing to worry about other than study and money....

    Bila time tiada duit, share2 beli makanan and makan ramai2....saya betul2 rindu masa tu..
    have a lots of friend at my workplace but there's no one that I could turn to when I really need it...I have some good friends there (workplace) but there's a limit in our talk and story.

    Bila dah keja ni, banyak rahsia kena simpan, takut kawan makan kawan.. semata-mata untuk dapat perhatian boss..hati kena tahan supaya nda di buli...huhu...but I am lucky because I still have some of my very bestfriends....some have changed with time but some still stay the same and one of them is you my dear Jane, :)


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