15 March, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

Hello everyone, Sumandak in the house with a good spirit although I know its already in the middle of the night...hihihi

Yay, last Sunday me and Mr. M went to Kota Marudu. Last year, we went to the same journey for Hari Raya open house but this time it was because of my best friend’s wedding. We were supposed to go with my two siblings but they cancelled at the very last minute.

We started the journey at 3.00 pm from Kota Kinabalu. Can you believe that?! We are super late! Actually Mr. M promise to leave from Kota Kinabalu around 12.30 pm but the plan did not go as we planned. Well, I am a little bit annoyed also disappointed but I cannot blame Mr. M on the delays. He had been good enough to take time off so we can go to the wedding together.

The weather was not so good especially when we reached Kota Belud. The night before, Zezebel is texting me said she is worried because the rain won’t stop and I understand why she felt like that. Houses along the way at Kota Belud were hit by flood especially the ones build at the lower area. The road is not flooded yet but Mr. M was quite worried, what if it rains heavily later? I assured him, there is nothing to be worried. Just pray everything will be fine…

So, it was nearly 5pm when we finally arrived at Zezebel’s house. I feel guilty for coming late but like Mr. M said, better came late rather than don’t coming at all and I guess he was right (haha). I still cannot believe Zezebel is now a wife (sob sob), I just hope our friendship will stay the way it is. And actually deep inside my heart, I am super-happy because finally she found her true Mr. Right. As long she is happy, then I will happy too...

I only managed to snap two pictures during her wedding due to our late arrival (haha). And of course, I publish these pictures with her permission especially from her husband (~~). I wish both of them all the best in the future. It won't be easy, there will be challenges but I am sure they are ready physically and mentally. When two peoples decided to get married, that means they are willing to accept the good and bad of themselves. Both of you, don't worry about me. I won't get stressed about this wedding thing...hahaha 

It’s a pity we cannot linger more, the weather is getting worse and its getting late. With a heavy heart, I said goodbye to Puan Zezebel (hohoho) and headed home...


  1. err...bukan kah Jane dah,mybe persahabatan Jane ngan puan Zezebel akan lebih erat...ya meh..

    tahniah gak untuk perkahwinan Zezebel..dia pon blogger jugak kan..

  2. Missed this entry! Thanks for the photos Jane! Dont worry, friendship remains forever even sdh tukar status jd PUAN. Hahahah..

  3. (^.^), sayang betul masa kamu datang, photographer kami sudah balik mandak, cantik2 gambar yang dia amik tu, lagipun, sepa2 yang saya sambut sendiri, mesti dia amik gambar hihihih..buruk ni baju sy sini, mekap pun sudah sy lap ni time ni, rimas I...hiihiih


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