08 March, 2011

International Women's Day

Sumandak in the house :)

Each year on the 8th of March, the day is marked as International Women's Day. It is the day of celebration towards women's economic, political and social achievements. As you can see, in the past the three subject were dominated by men. But nowadays, there is no such thing. Women and men can stand in the same level or in another words they have the same opportunities. Women also has a great achievement in their own league and marked their name in the history.

Take Tan Sri Zeti Akhtar for example. She is Bank Negara Malaysia Governor, proof that women also can achieve a highest career if they want to. Of course you have to work hard for it and because of her work ethic she was named as one of the World's Best Central Bankers. That is only one example, if you want more try Google about women achievement all around the world. I am pretty sure, the result can bring a smile...hehe.

Today is the day :) What makes the day special is the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day. Yesterday, I saw this topic on yahoo. So I think, why not I bring the topic here today. The topic goes like this, in the celebration of this event, share with everyone the woman you admire the most. Why she is special to you or inspire you more than all the other women you know?

As for me, I definitely choose my beloved MUM :)

She is my inspiration for being a woman. From her, I learn that woman also can make their own decision. Woman cannot be too dependent on men. I didn't mean that women doesn't need men. God created man and woman, they need each other. What I am trying to say is, there will be a time when women need to think on their own. Like my mum, in the past she worked very hard to make sure all of us get better education. She knows that if she depend on her husband only for living, the family will go nowhere. When we were young, life was not easy. My mum believed the only way to improve our life and to secure our future is by education and she is right. We owe her that much.

My mum doesn't have the best career in the world but she achieve her greatest achievement by raising us to become what we are right now. Cheeers to all the women in the world...

PS : How about you? Who is the woman you admire the most? 


  1. I adores and will always adoring my mom. So she is the woman I admire very much!

    Happy International Woman's Day

  2. me too!! i admire my mom for her strenght bringing us up to this world with her own!! biar mcmana susah sekali pun... huhuhu.. sentimental pulak tiba2..

  3. Happy International Women's Day to you Sumandak..I salute all of you...emmm when is Men's International Day ah?

  4. @Just

    Saya pun sangat sentimental when I talk about my mum...saya rasa semua pun begitu juga tu...

  5. @gunsirit

    Thanks Mr. Guns...Men's Day? Macam tidak pernah dingar (haha). Father's Day adalah :)

  6. Selamat hari Wanita! Wheeeee!

  7. sayangi ibu anda selama dia masih hidup...

  8. of coz our mom is the 1st 1.. :D


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