24 March, 2011

A Nuclear Landed On My Blog!

Sumandak in the house :)

Hello you all doing, is it raining in your place? Gloomy in the morning and surely it will rain in the afternoon. Mother nature power, what can we do? For those who live at the flood prone area, please be careful and prepare yourself in case something happen. 

Alright, that is not the main point of my entry today. Seriously, someone dropped a nuclear question in my entry Save Energy days ago (hahaha). I was like OMG! I mean I don't have any skills, let alone experience about the question....hahahaha (laugh again). I am crazy about books but when it comes to nuclear thing...I don't think so (~~) Anyway, I am going to give my opinion the best I can (this one can cost me jumping here and there...hahaha)

To gedek! thanks for the question (@@) I always enjoy his blog! The entries are very simple but speak thousand of words! He is delivering the messages via his unique pictures. At first, I don't understand WHY (hahahaha), but after a while I finally got the meaning. Go check his blog, you will know what I mean...

Alright, alright...I will not elaborate what is nuclear, how it can be produce, where it comes from or whatsoever because like I said before, this is not my skill. After all, you simply can Google it (hehehe). So, can nuclear save energy? Actually, I am a little bit 'kabur-kabur' about this question but I will give my opinion from my point of view...       

Fissile atoms contain vast amounts of energy
Nuclear fission, the splitting of a heavy atom’s nucleus, releases great amounts of energy. For example the energy it releases is 10 million times greater than is released by the burning of an atom of fossil fuel. Besides it would take many hectares of land covered with solar collectors, wind farms or hydro-electric dams to equal this power. (source : Alternate Energy Sources)

The growing human population and improvement in lifestyle leads to greater energy needs. Energy demands are growing fast and put a strains on the government to meet the demand. Fossil fuels are not cheap any longer, oil is running out, alternative energy sources are expensive and industrial CO2 emission charges will bite. Right now, the electricity generated by hydro power. What if one day rivers stop flowing, making the hydro stop as well? Do we have alternative power ready in case something happen?

Sounds like nuclear energy is the only answer to the problems because it has awesome power. By using a small amount of fuel, a huge amount of energy can be produce. Besides, it does not produce smoke or carbon dioxide so we can save our planet from the greenhouse effect compare to renewable energy sources such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass. Nuclear is also reliable and produces small amount of waste.

Back to the question, from what I read on the internet (been doing some researh...well, thanks to you again), here goes...If you ask me if nuclear can save energy, my opinion is NO. We can use nuclear energy for electricity, but during my research on the internet I did not see any fact mention or support that nuclear can save energy. My conclusion, it doesn't matter if you are using electricity generated by hydro-electric dams, nuclear, wind, solar or biomass since the only way to save the energy is by reduce the usage of it.

What say you about this? And one more thing, do we really need to build nuclear power plants in Malaysia? Perhaps after this we should debate the good and bad side of nuclear (hahahaha). Anyway, check out Dr. M's blog and read his say on this issue. I don't want to say YES or NO but I must say that he have a good points. My colleagues said, if we don't have this nuclear thing, our country are going to be leave far behind in terms of development and the outsider will think our country technologies is still undeveloped.

PS : gedek! You really make my day (hahaha)...


  1. NO!

    untuk saya,tidak dan sudah tentu saya punya alasan sendiri.

  2. a short question and a longggg answer. i jeles dengan gedek! heheheh~

  3. Wow! I'm speachless! Thanks Sumandak!

    GB: Moralnya... lain kali soal pendek-pendek.... Hahaha!


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