11 March, 2011

Green Corner : Buy Used Books

Buy a book from a second-hand bookshop

Green tips today is about buying second hand books. You know how I love books very vey much. hahaha...Before this, I used to buy second hand books but not anymore due to this reason. I must say that most of my collection came from second-hand bookshop. Why buy used books?

Reuse or recycle. Don't waste papers, papers are made from trees. If you recycle, you can help save the trees. The more we can save trees, the better quality of air we breathe. Basic knowledge, trees produce oxygen that we breathe.

Save Money - Tips for students. The bottom line for used and second hand books is save money off retail prices that keep getting more and more expensive. Especially for the university student. Buying books is very stressful time of the year. Sale of textbooks seems to be the perfect monopoly and apparently every student must have it. The only way to save yourself is buy used books or if you are lucky, you can buy the textbook from the senior :)

Benefit from buying used books (in my own experience)

1. Save more and more money of course.

2. Buried treasure...hahaha. Ya, it's true. Sometimes you might surprise what you can find inside the second-hand bookshop. Maybe a novel you loves when you were at the tender age but had forgotten, or out-print book you have been craved for years or perhaps a rare collection of books? Some of my collection are books I read when I was in college. Love the books very much but cannot afford to buy it at that time, so stumbled upon it on the second-hand bookshop is like OMG to me (hahaha)

3. Something wonderful. I don't know about you but used books is like something wonderful to me. Whenever I buy used books, it was fun to peek inside. Sometimes, the previous owner like to write something inside the books. Names, year they bought the books, place, signature...something like that. It was like you are holding a piece of history in your hand (haha). I have one book, where the previous owner wrote she/he bought the book at the Hong Kong's airport. My guess, the previous owner was bored and want to kill the time...hehe

Orait lah everyone, that's all for today. If anyone of you out there want to sell your books, sent me an email. If the price is OK, business is ON. hehehe...

PS : For Sumandak Kota Marudu...2 more days :)


  1. adesss...hahaha....dulu2 saya asyik menghitung hari ja..sekarang ni...nda terpikir mau hitung hari sudah,hahaha

  2. beli buku yang sudah diguna ok jugak ek..lagi murah dan berbaloi.masih boleh dirawat dengan baik..

  3. When I was in university, my first priority was to buy used books from a bookstore or from my seniors, you will get better bargain sometimes over 60% cheaper..

  4. Buku saja yang sudah layu... tapi ilmunya tetap segar...!!


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