15 February, 2011

How To Treat Sunburn

Sumandak in the house :)  

Yesterday, my sister text me that she just finish kayaking. Like everyone know, that kind of activity expose our skin to the sun. She had sunburn and asks for tips. Frankly speaking, I myself don’t know how to treat sunburn but as a big sister (hahaha) it is my duty to find and suggest tips for her. This is the time when Mr. G aka Mr. Google came to the rescue, just type what you want, hit enter and tadaaa...finish (hehe)

What is sunburn?
Sunburn is condition that occurs to skin that has been overexposed to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Too much time in the sun without protection can result in heightened sensitivity, redness, pain, and even blisters. Some may said that it’s OK to have sunburn because it’s not permanent and may heal over the time but read thisKeep in mind that sunburn can be more harmful than you though it is, if not instantaneously fatal. One of the most lethal outcomes of recurring sunburn is melanoma, a type of skin cancer. It was said that a person who have had sunburn more than five times in their lifetime has double the risk of getting melanoma skin cancer. Unprotected sun and ultraviolet exposure can also cause skins’ premature aging and constant exposure might even cause first or second degree burns and heatstroke.

The best way to avoid sunburn, don’t ever forget to wear sunscreen everytime you go outdoors. The sunscreen cannot protect you 100% from UV rays but at least it can reduce the reaction of sunburn. There are wide ranges of sunscreen lotion in the market, I recommend you to look for sunblock which has SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 25 and above depends where you are going for outdoor activity. For example, activities at the beach require SPF more than 25. In case you are involve in water sport, look for waterproof sunblock. Higher SPF means more protection you get.

Basically, we cannot run away from sunburn. I mention earlier, sunblock cannot protect you 100% from UV rays. In my own experience, sometimes the heat is too much and I think the UV rays manage to find a way into my skin (haha). Be prepared when you got sunburn – the itching skin and you wish you live inside a freezer (hahaha). I believe most of us had an experience about this sunburn thing. Don’t worry, here is a few tips for all of us…

Ice cubes. Have a few ice cubes, put or wrap it in the towel. Then press the towel on your sunburn part. This method can help you to cool down your skin.

Aloe Vera. If you got this plant around your house, then you are lucky. Take the Aloe Vera leaf, open it and gently apply the jelly over your burn area. Repeat as often as you like. The jelly can help to soothe the burn skin and moisturize it as well. This method is highly recommended because Aloe Vera is frequently used as a treatment of burns. Furthermore it is cheap and natural remedies that you can find at home.    

You can get the Aloe product on most stores. But before you buy it, make sure it has a high concentration of aloe. Aloe Vera should be listed first or at least near the top of the list of ingredients. Avoid product where the water contain is more than aloe because it will not be very helpful. Also, be sure to check the expiration date, as aloe can lose some of its healing properties over time.

Yogurt. Use plain and fresh yogurt as a mask on your burn skin. First, put the yogurt in the freezer to cool it. The protein and fat ingredients of yogurt can help to trim down the pressure of sunburn on your skin.

Cool bath. Take a cool bath to help you more comfortable. Cool water will help lower your body temperature and reduce the heat of the skin. After bathing, dress in loose comfortable clothing and stay in out of the sun until your sunburn begins to heal. Be sure to get plenty of rest. Make sure you eat even if you not feel like eating, because you need energy to keep up your strength. Sunburn can be like any illness or injury depending on its severity, and your body needs nourishment to heal itself.

Above all, drink plenty of water as dangers of dehydration multiply with sunburn. Avoid alcoholic drink because it may increase the risk of becoming dehydrated. 

Don’t do these while you have sunburn :

Avoid soap because it can cause unwanted irritation

Don’t put lotion on burn parts. Lotion can seal the heat and clogs the stressed out skin.

If your sunburn start to peel, don’t scratch it. The action can cause further damage. Use calamine lotion to ease the itching skin.

Never try to open blisters! It can lead to a serious infection and leave a scar on your skin. In case, if the blisters give you unbearable pain along with fever or nausea, seriously you need to see a doctor. 

PS : That’s all :) If you have another remedies or tips, please share. Sharing is caring…     

- credit to Google for the pictures


  1. Good info ^_^ This is very useful especially now when sports training are running in schools. Cepat kena sunburn. Hehe.. Thanks for sharing mandak!

  2. Sa x boleh pakai yang yogurt tu sbb nnt sa mo makan. lol.

    Ouch! Pedih o sunburn kalo kena air kan. When I was reading this, I can 'feel' it on my skin!

  3. kayaking for the 1st and last time dulu time muda2... miring2 tu kayak sbb nda pandai. hahahah.. nyway, jarang2 bersunburn sbb d ofis ja. hahahahha..

  4. very good info.

    i used to apply lotion on sunburnt skin. my wonder my skin heal very slow!

  5. saya guna tomato atau aloe vera..hehe


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