02 February, 2011

Chinese New Year and Me

Sumandak in the house :)

Naaaah, I received my first angpow two days ago but won't tell you how much inside the red packet (hahaha). Are you all jealous (I know you are....hihihi). Want to get free angpow?? Here is the tip...find a red packet, put money inside and reward yourself with it. Easy isn't it?? (laaaarrriii)

For those who are celebrating Chinese New Year, how's the preparation so far? Already buy all the goodies or likes to do last minute shopping. I nearly pengsan (faint) this morning, the market in Menggatal super crowded (hahaha), my sister said she saw two customers nearly end up fighting over a bundle of vegetables. What a scene...

Last December, Wyne said she want to try something different for CNY this year. Something like buying a Cheongsam (hehehe). I said to her I want to try it too BUT....tomorrow is already the celebration and I didn't buy it yet....hahaha. How about you Wyne, you already bought it?? Mr. M is bringing us to dinner tonight so I hope I can convince him to look for the Cheongsam after that :) I also hope we can see a lion dance tonight...lalalalala

Orait barait, that's all for now. See you all later because got to go again...If you wonder why the font is red, well its Chinese New Year maaaah, I want you to feel the excitement...hehehehe

PS : Share your experience about Chinese New Year


  1. hehehe....semalam kami berabis p jalan2 sana Tamu panjang CNY...tapi nda menarik pun..malas juga mo ambil pulang tangan kosong..hahhaaa

  2. ba jgn lupa upload ur pic with cheongsam hehe

  3. "兔年吉祥!
    Tù nián jí xiáng!
    Good Luck in the Year of the Rabbit!"
    Happy Chinese New Year 2011.

  4. bha,
    jgn lupa share your CNY celebration ah mandak

  5. Mandak, kalau kau senang, jan lupa bca blog tu b**** yg obses tu, yg bln 12 pnya a..auw..(punya la hot d sni ni skng)

  6. tak kira juga..cepat jane bagi aku ang pow!

  7. Jane, sa suda beli Cheongsam. The price is reasonable juga lah....hehe!

    Will blog about it...

    Happy Holiday and Gong Xi Fa Cai...pigi lah punggut angpow lagi...haha!


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