24 February, 2011

My Day Is A Mayday

When blogging become an addiction, you will feel weird or feel something is not right the whole day if you cannot update your blog and visiting your loyal visitor (hahaha). That's what happen to me today (actually this past few days...sigh). Am I the only one who always used my works as an excuse? I hope not :) 

I just can say that I am a little bit busy this week (still have no idea what is waiting next week). If only I can split myself into 3 or 4 pieces...sigh again. This morning, I just wear what I can grab from the cabinet and guess what, I was supposed to meet peoples today. On my way to office, I wish that I had wear more appropriate clothes for it. Anyway, who is to blame right? On top of that, I almost forgot to bring something very important that related to my work (hohoho).  

In the afternoon, we got free bla bla bla and I wish I can boldly get myself out from that room and vomit all the tension at the ladies room. When you already done the best you can but someone still doesn't satisfy about it, seriously it can make your mood down. Why, is it a sin if you show a little appreciation? Sometimes life can be so cruel....sigh again for the third time (~ ~)  

Just now, I am working on my translation and accidentally hit the (X) button. All the tension bubbles up and ready to explode BUT...thank God I manage to control myself. No matter what happen, it is auto save so no need to worry...hahaha

Oraitlah, a little ramblings to end the day. Looks like my day is almost turn into a mayday. How is yours?? 

PS : Good night...


  1. semoga terus dapat mengawal hidup dan emosi kamu Jane....

    susah mau puaskan hati mereka,yang paling penting cukup kalau kita ada keyakinan...

  2. I missed some of my blogger friends' updates too. Baru ada chance sa mau update blog and blogwalk ni sekarang..

    Phew, luckily the doc was auto-saved. I understood how you felt.. Been there too. Hehe! Tomorrow is surely gonna be better than today. Cheers!

  3. saya pernah melalui ketagihan tu. paling tension bile internet connection tetiba kena blok for certain reason. rasa nak meroyan je.

    Dan sebab ketidakstabilan emosi juga hari ini saya rasa macam mat bangla pi office!(refering to my look~ huhu)

  4. Sabar ya Jane..dalam hidup mesti ada masa yang kita akan alami situasi cam tu...saya faham dengan perasaan Jane masa tu...serahkan semuanya pada DIA...apa yang terjadi pasti ada hikmah di sebaliknya...u go girl!!!

  5. kdg2 mmg ada masa jd camtu...kalo aku plak aku guna istilah hari bodoh aku sedunia bkn utk org lain la...hnya utk aku jak...nyway aku ada tag ko dlm one of my latest entry...


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