09 February, 2011

Form Five Girl Jumps To Her Death

MALACCA: A Form Five student at SMK Seri Kota, Banda Hilir here, jumped to her death in front of horrified teachers and schoolmates yesterday morning.

Sally Lee Qian Chun, 17, from Bukit Katil here, was attending her Chemistry lessons on the first floor of the school's Block C when she rushed out of the classroom.

A senior teacher, who declined to be identified, said Lee then ran up to the second floor and climbed onto a ledge.

"She stood on the ledge facing a classroom and then fell backwards," said the teacher.
The 9.15am incident saw teachers and students screaming in horror. It was also witnessed by students from another block.

"Many of us saw it happening but no one could do anything as it happened so quickly."

Lee was a Science Stream student and did not have any problems in school.

"She was a good student."

Lee, the eldest of three children, had posted on her Facebook page that the recent Chinese New Year celebrations would be her last.

She made that posting using her profile name, "Saline Lee Chun", on Jan 15, which received a reply asking why she had said that.

"You will know after the Chinese New Year," she had replied.

In an earlier post dated Jan 11, the victim had expressed her sadness when a person she loved did not feel the same towards her.

Melaka Tengah district police chief Assistant Commissioner Salehhudin Abd Rahman ruled out foul play and said the victim died from serious head injuries.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam, who visited the school and the victim's family yesterday, expressed his condolences and said the state government would bear the cost of her funeral.

Lee's father is said to be a businessman while her mother is a housewife. She has two younger brothers.

(source : NST online)

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What is going on with our teenagers today? Taking your own life when your love is not return? What about the people around you - families, friends or relatives who loves you unconditionally? Have you ever think about their feeling when you taking such action?

This is a message to all of us. We must do something. Teenagers out there...PLEASE. If you have a problem talk to your family, teachers, friends or someone you can trust before it's too late. Think before you do something. Do you want to leave behind peoples that loves you unconditionally devastated?

PS : Sigh


  1. Hmm...another jump to death story...

    Teenagers on these days; dream lover and selfish! Ayooo...masih bersikul lagi suda ingat mau cari cinta mati!!! nah...sekarang diri sendiri suda mati!!

    Science stream students lagi tu...uh!

  2. xda utak kali sdh budak2 skrg satu lg pengikut alviss & frens still byk yg syg ko ba...knp mo bunuh diri...bkn ka myusahkn org lain...bikin trauma satu sekolah lg...

  3. We must do our part just to spread some love around, letting people know that despite the gloom and doom of life, there is indeed some love around, ya

  4. kurang bercakap dengan kawan kawan...atau family... ini la jadi nya... tension gila sampai pikir mau ambil nyawa sendirik....
    bukan salah sesiapa ni... udah takdir dia tentukan sendiri...kita yang kesian tengok....

  5. jump off from building is not an end and a good solution. Dont know where they get the guts to throw off themselves to be like this.

  6. banyak bende yg kite kene kaji. from lifestyles to food to family institutions.

    yg pentingnya hidup kite semua bukan jadi semakin baik tapi sebaliknya.

  7. That's so sad. I hope our children will grow up having a high self esteem and self worth so as not to be too affected by what teenagers go through.

  8. kesian ni budak kan..x tau pa dia punya masalah ni owh.....deiii

  9. makin menjadi-jadi perkara yang menjadi trend di japan n china nih di negara kita..ntah berapa ramai lagi yang melepaskan kemurungan dan kerunsingan dengan cara sedemikian....its so bad!

  10. neh..mandak. Nda la sy heran bdk2 zaman skng ni..mcm la sorg ja lelaki atau pompuan dlm dunia ni..

  11. I think she is a loner, has very few friends to talk to. Parents could have detect the problem earlier. How sad.

  12. aiya. ni la jadinya kalau telampau memendam perasaan satu2 urg. kungsi2 bah, baru nda telampau tertekan, terus p bunuh diri. hidup satu kali ja. jgn sia2kannya.

  13. This is just sad...


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