08 February, 2011

Fishes that massages :)

Want to experience fishes that massages? Welcome yourself to Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti. If you want to know the details such as how to go there, rates and what they provide there, just go here and check it out or read Pelian Fish Massage Kg Luanti, Ranau because here I only want to share our experience while exploring this place...

This is the place that my mum insist a must visit while in Ranau. She’s been talking about it since last year…hahaha. Seriously, I don’t even know this place exist but thank God mum knows about this place >.<

When we arrived at this place, we were like OMG! Its super crowded ohh, because its holiday and everyone is taking a chance to spend quality times with family members. Anyway, we manage to register our group and waited for almost 20 minutes before our group was called :) Of course, mum is the most anxious one. This is her idea maaah…hahaha. We don’t know what to expect or how will fishes massages our feet…

BUT, when we put our foot in the river….naaah, the fishes come without warning and start to ‘massage’ our feet. How its feel? Mr. M said it was like his foot was being electrocuted….hahahaha. Okay everyone, he was just kidding. Actually, the fishes are nibbling our feet. At first, its feel weird but you will relax when you get used to it.

The small fishes are the active one. Nibbling like there is no tomorrow (hahahahaha), the boys said some of their hair on legs were yank out by the fishes. I like the big fishes, you can touch and play with it. They are very tame…at some point you want to catch one and bring it home BUT its forbidden okay. Don’t ever try to lift the fish from the river or the security guard will throw you out (~ ~)  

Hmmm…I am not sure if we relax or not because we are the noisiest group at that time (hahahaha). A little bit embarrassing, the security guard even warns us not to make a noise so the other group will not be disturb. I was confuse you know, how to relax when the other family members produce a lot of words like ~ aduh, awww, aduii…not to mention the giggling sound (hihihi)

Overall, we really enjoy our time and personally I feel so happy because mum is smiling from ear to ear. That is our main goal, to make mum happy ;) The 15 minutes is not enough but we don’t want to be greed. So many people are waiting for their turn so it’s better than nothing. Give the others the chance to experience the massage, considering that some people take a long journey just to be there. We can come back next time… 

Okay everyone, if you plan something different or special for family day out, maybe you can put Sungai Moroli, Kampung Luanti on your list. Highly recommended! After the massage session, you can swim at the other section of the river for FREE and take your time as long as you want. It’s a pity we don’t bring any cloths for change that day, it would be fun to swim at the downstream. I almost can imagine the fresh air touch my skin. BUT then, we don’t know about the ‘mandi sungai’ part right?? Hahaha…

- Please ignore this picture, this is just for fun...hahaha -

And for those who love to sing, they provide Karaoke section where you can sing RM1.00 for one song and RM10.00 for one hour. Fish spa and music in the air makes the place happening…

PS : Dear fish, please wait for our next visit…


  1. sia mcm geli ja mo try ni... eeee...

  2. wow.. nice!
    this is one of Sabah's best-kept secret! :D

  3. wow punya siok sya tingu kamu..happy betul ni..gumbira.... blm pernah lg pigi ni tmpt. nanti mau pigi lah... di ranau kan hehe

  4. wah.. pernah tengok dalam televisyen.. mcm menarik je... hehe

  5. aiyooo i cannot tahan geli. serius geli bila ikan2 tu isap kaki. hehehe. btw i like ur hair. new style kah? hehe

  6. forgot to mention, i went there with tinot, anney and her geng last year during deepavai holiday. next trip may be Pulau 3. nak join? =)

  7. Wow, cantik oo disana. Tidak buli tapau kaitu polian...sadap bikin pusas..ehhe

  8. Best kan tempat ni sudah p ni tempat ngan parents sa last year lagi...mengelikan tu ikan2...hehe...

  9. wah baru tahu ada tempat 'foot massage' yang sangat neutral macam nih kat Sabah..ikan2nya pun bikin geram nih Jane.nanti bawa aku pegi sana ya Jane...hihi

  10. sya mau pigi juga tu nanti.... cari masa dulu... masa cuti2 malaysia.. yai! cam siok..

  11. sy ada p sna mandak last year, ngam2 masa sy p kl..sedey..haha

  12. besarnya ikan tu!! igt kecik2 mcm dr fish je.

  13. Jane, your single photo there mcm buat iklan syampoo ada mcm perfume pun ada oh...hehe!

    Oya, this river pernah kena tayang di TV3...mcm dlm berita kali tu; sort of promotion lah. Yet to datang sana...tapi nda tau bila sbb paling2 mau bercuti pun bulan Mei 2011..uhuh! Bila mau jumpa ni Jane? (^^)

  14. @JUST - You must try it :)

    @Seksi Bani - masih ramai yang tidak tahu pasal ni tempat, kira promote secara free lah ni..haha

    @Encik Mamat - Datanglah...baru tau best ke tak :)

  15. @Stella - Memang siok, bring your hubby...kompom dia nda mau pulang tu...hehe (main-main ja aaah)

    @Che Kay - Teknik rebonding jerrr...hihihi. Pulau 3?? Mana tu...kena cek peta dulu...haha

    @Gunsirit - nda buli makan sudah tu pelian, imagine lah apa dorang gigit dari kaki urang...haha

  16. @Ellen - Sangat best! 15 minit tidak cukup tapi terlalu ramai orang masa tu, kesian pula kalau ambil masa lam...

    @ghost writer - maybe we can go together next time...bila nak balik sabah ni??

  17. @Rose Ragai - cari masa yang sesuai, kalau kena yang holiday memang crowded tu. BTW, I cannot comment your entry. Itu comment box ada masalah kali...

    @Zezebel - kita p sama2 next time...macam??

    @gadisBunga - besar dan menggeramkan. Rasa nak bawa pulang pun ada...hehe

  18. @Wyne

    hahahaha...buli buat iklan lah ni kalau begini :)
    Hujung minggu pun buli bah tu, nda kali berapa ramai orang. Kalau tunggu suti2 Malaysia, nangis nanti kalau sampai sana...hehe. Cadangan jaaa...ikut masa yg kamu comfortable lah

    Bila mau jumpa??? wrong timing ja kita ni...macam si Just mau balik Sabah lagi kan...kita atur masa lah nanti. Jeles saya tingu perjumpaan kamu hari tu sama dorang Ken, hahaha...

  19. haha,siuk ni tmpat.....aritu sy ada pegi,ingtkn mau pok-pok silap smpai ilang tu bulu kaki..skali tinguk teda effect sma tu bulu kaki hahaha

  20. boboh aeron/aeron thadius07 September, 2013 16:06

    huyoo..,cantik juga tenpat ni kan.di ranau ka ni


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