02 December, 2011

On Our Way To Pekan Keningau...

Sumandak in the house :)

Okay, just a short and quick entry...

Last month we have this Kota Kinabalu-Keningau-Tambunan-Ranau-Kota Kinabalu trip. A trip that started at 6.00am, ended at 5.30pm in approximately 380 kilometers :) The driver? Of course the experience Mr. M (hahahaha...) After all, it was his idea...

At first I am not sure whether we can make the journey complete or not due to the gloomy and unexpected weather. But thank God, the weather is on our side and improve in the middle of the journey :) 

We arrived at Pekan Keningau around 8.30am. After breakfast, we walk for a while around the Pekan. Hmmm...frankly speaking, nothing interesting here. Only a typical lifestyle and surrounding just like back home. 

Time to continue our journey and guess what...we were not sure which way we should go to reach Tambunan. Mr. M said he forgot which one! Can you believe that?! 

This journey was to be enjoyed so when something like this came need to panic and no need to be angry with each other. We are not lost in the Amazon jungle lah...besides, we can ask around and there were signboards everywhere as a guidance (^_^) 

At last we found the right one and head to Tambunan. 

To be continued...


  1. time mo bt trip gni juga laa...

  2. Tak ada apa-apa pun dekat Keningau kan.

  3. yo yo yo sumandak kinabalu.. Aki in da house.. Ha ha ha.. Err,to be frank,I know almost all the road di sabah.. And sa bersyukur jadi mangsa kena suruh drive sini sana dulu.. ^_^.v.. Ha ha ha.. But,sure penat tu kamurang punya journey kan??

  4. Hi Jane! Bagusnya kamu buat trip begini kan. If I'm not pregnant, mau juga daa sa round2 Sabah ni. :D Tuna yang last pic tu heading to Tenom kalau jalan terus.. Kamu inda singgah Tenom alang2?

  5. wah idea foe me and him to travel just like u do.. jn pula ckp ranau nda besh. sia boikot sis nnt haha nda ba.

  6. best gile!!! kalau lah i kat sana, i mau je join dan kacau daun. hahaha!!!

  7. We have some good pastry in keningau xD haha siok ni road trip... it has been such a long while for me...

  8. dulu2 sa d KGU juga ..sikul sana SMT..he he mcm mau pigi balik jalan2 sana ni

  9. Hi!

    Wish i can get there for
    end year holiday. (:


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