29 October, 2011

Places In Kundasang feat gadisBUNGA

The proud Mt. Kinabalu. A view from Rose Cabin, Kundasang

Sumandak in the house :)

Alright, here is the few places in Kundasang we managed to visit with gadisBUNGA. Actually, I only managed to visit two places with her...the rest she went with my sister Just and a friend. Had to hurry back, my holidays application is not approved due to unexpected things (hohoho). Thank God gadisBUNGA understand my situation. Seriously, being 'short-cut' from your own holidays is totally not a cool thing!!


Okay, forget about that. Here is the few pictures from our holidays...

Our first pit stop is at Desa Dairy Farm which located at the Mesilau Plateau, Kundasang. Normally, the main purpose peoples come here is to learn how fresh milk processed from raw to finish product. If you want to experience the milking session, come early around 2.00pm. The milking session start at 3.00pm.

Although we really want to watch the session, we went there at 9.00am (wrong time my dear...hahaha). We heard that at 3.00pm, automatically all the cows lining up and ready for milking. Is it true? I guess we have to find it out on the next trip (~~)     

YES. Definitely don't forget to try Desa fresh milk. 
Available in two flavors, original milk and chocolate :)  

If the weather is good, you can see the Mt. Kinabalu clearly. Fresh cool air, breathtaking landscape in every wonder this place is very famous among wedding photographers :)

Our next pit stop is at Kundasang War Memorial, which was built as a tribute for the brave ones. This place has change a little from our last visit. I notice they had make some renovation here and there. Perhaps the most obvious one is at the top level, the Contemplation Garden. I am not sure whether I like it or not. I mean a place like this we should preserve and stick to the original design. Okay no hard feeling, it was just a thought (^_^)

Despite of all that, being here is still a good thing. Take some of your time to think about those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the future.

Thats all for now. To find out more about the trip, visit gadisBUNGA page. I am sure she will do the full coverage :)

Enjoy your weekend (^_^)


  1. dua-dua Che Kay suka! erm bila la boleh pegi sana lagi.... huhuhu

  2. o wawwwwwwwwww... saya ni anak jati ranau tapi tak pernah samapi ke sana.. hohoho sedih weiiii :(

  3. very niceeeeeee pics jane! i'm now in progress of updating all about our journey in Kundasang but little by little tho. slow kan? hihih~

  4. O..EM..GEEE!!!


  5. hye, me from GB page..nice scenery..teringin nak g sana :)

  6. july lepas bawa family ke sabah tetapi banyak tempat2 yg best tak dapat nak pergi...lain kali sebelum pergi nak list tempat2 yg mesti dilawati tetapi Aina prefer ke taman laut...bestttt...

    nice blog...very nice foto...

  7. bestnya kundasang. Mama berhajat sangat mau kesana. GB hari tuh tak cakap nak gi kalau tak leh join..hehehhe...

  8. Jane .. kenapa tinggal kaksina! dah lama ba mau ke kundasang ni

  9. @Che Kay

    Anytime boleh pergi, di Sabah juga kan :)

  10. @Wen

    Betul bah??
    Maka saya pun first time ni datang...hehe

  11. @gadisBunga

    I wonder what if I have DSLR (^_^)
    But, wherever I go I really have a good time with my humble compact camera...

    Not slow lah, you are doing it in details :)

  12. @JunAina

    Itulah yang terbaik supaya tempat yang best tak tercicir :)

  13. waaa...very nice!!

    cik lynn ada plan nak ke sana juga nanti :) nanti boleh tanya kamu la...hehe


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