30 July, 2010


Just buy a new Wedge Heel today. The old one was already worn out.
So on my lunch time, I went to Karamunsing Shopping Complex and go straight to DOSS outlet.
Guess what, its SALE time! No wonder the outlet was packed!
I spent nearly an hour there, picking and trying those heels…sound ridiculous?? Haha..
Cute and Gorgeous heels with a reasonable prices, who will not ‘rambang mata’ ??
But in the end, I only picked one (will post the picture later)…
I can buy 2 or 3 pairs if I want but I always keep in mind…don’t simply buy stuff because you can afford it, buy because you need it.
Remember Money is not easy to earn…

DOSS Wedge Heel

~ DOSS Wedge Heel. Not bad for RM35.90 ~

~ Like this kind of heel...very comfortable and cute too ~

~ like it?? get your own at the nearest outlet ~


  1. Show me your heel madam....

  2. oh.. p doss x bwa sy..haha

  3. Jess, next time we go together kio...
    kecemasan bah kemarin...
    kalau nda tukar, alamat kaki ayam pulg...hahahaha

  4. pheeeeewit....
    cantik owh.., bleh la suruh si bel pinjam ni aaah..

  5. kasi beli sy jg jane...haha

  6. oh..hehe..kiut jag o wedges ko.hehe :)

  7. Bel, ada masa trn lah KK...
    kita jalan2...
    bagus kalau ada GL skali, ko tunjuk jak mana ko suka...c GL tlg bayar, hahahaha...

    Jess n Joan, kiut bukan untuk d pinjam...hahaha

  8. Uik...
    saya jadi banker ka? buli bha.., bagi tu kad atm semua ma saya. hahahaha.... dia pigi KK tu hari tiga ni jane tp pulang balik kali.


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