20 April, 2011

Missing From The Radar

Sumandak in the house :)

I am missing from the radar. Did you all miss me? hahaha...
I know its been ages I didn't do a blogwalking, let alone updating my blog (hohoho). What can I work really demand my full attention until there is a time I think it was eating me alive! Not to mention the stress...Seriously, I nearly give up! If only I can 'walk out' just like that but it is not that easy. So many things have to consider and if I tell you some of the 'things', seriously you will faint! But I am a grown up, in a few days the number will transform from 2 to 3...hahahaha. So I am going to face my journey of life like a grown up lah, what else :) Thank God my family, friends and Mr. M always give me the encouragement that I need and best of all...LOVE.

Orait, I have something to tell you...I have a new home and it is still in renovation but you can have a sneak peek if you want to (hahaha). After blogging for over 1 year, I think it is time for me to have my own domain (~~). Some of you maybe wondering why not buy a domain for, I day :) That doesn't mean I am going to abandon this blog. Big NO. I will still update it but not as frequently as before...furthermore, I will re-brand this blog (when I have time). My friend said "lari tajuk sudah bah" hahaha... 

Working and blogging with 2 blogs to manage surely will make my life sounds like OMG (hahaha) anyway I am ready for the challenge... 

Sneak peek for the new home here


  1. Suda sa jadi follower di 'rumah baru' ko Moi. hehe...

  2. @Wyne @ Mouren Mauve

    hahaha...makaseh moi :)
    nanti saya follow balik :)

  3. *clap hands* ko duluan aaa... :D

  4. @Just

    Apalagi Just, jum ramai-ramai pi dotcom :)

  5. wah ada ramai suda ni mau pigi dot com kan

  6. Wow...romantik..ada yg dia gambar close up butul tu..ehhee..siou ah sumandak, saya bz butul di utan bubut bakas..baru ada kesempatan ni..:)

  7. Wow romantik, apa dia gambar close up ni? Siou la, Sya baru ada kesempatan utk melawat blog ko yg indah ini, maklum lah, sya ni bz di utan bubut bakas...

  8. makin hebat lar Jane kalau sudah ada domain sendiri..mesti bertambah busy.

    btw,gud luck

  9. Selamat kembali dan jangan lagi hilang! lol! :)


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