28 April, 2011

Sumazau Mingkung

Sumazau Dance

View The First Dance of Newly-Weds

Kota Kinabalu: Most Sabahans may think they have seen it all - the Kadazan Sumazau dance. But what about a specific dance called Sumazau mingkung - the first dance together for newly weds?
That could be new for many attending the Sabah Fest 2011 cultural extravaganza on April 30 and 1 May, at the Sutera Harbour Magellan Grand Ballroom.
For Kadazans of Penampang, the Sumazau Mingkung is a specific dance performed especially as a tribute to a newly-married couple.
On wedding day, the groom heads for the bride's house in a procession with the bridewealth (nopung) on hand.
On arrival, gongs beat and the nopung is taken from him, the bride appears at the entrance and the bobohizan (ritual specialist) uses a popodu - a bunch of five types of leaves to sprinkle water to perform a ritual called vokis, to bless the newly weds.
After the blessing, the couple place a foot each on a round stone called pampang at the bottom of the stairs while the bobohizan symbolically holds the conical hats called seraung, over their heads.
The stone and the hats symbolize strong and lasting marriage while the hats represent shields to protect them from evil on wedding day and thereafter.
After a few short mantras, the bobohizan would then enter the house.
In the house, the couple performs their first Sumazau dance together as a married couple with the bobohizan and other elders surrounding them, performing that specific dance called Sumazau mingkung.
After that first dance, relatives and guests are invited to join in.
This is the unique dance and ceremony the Sabah Fest audience will see on 30 April and 1 May.
Tickets are priced RM30 and RM50.
Call Sabah Tourism , Gaya Street 6088-212121 or Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sinsuran, 6088-232121.
(source : Daily Express)

This Sumazau Mingkung dance is new to me and I am sure for most of the Sabahan too. I am wondering how this dance look like, is it the same step with  the Sumazau? The picture above is not Sumazau Mingkung dance. I try to Google it but found none. So, the only way to satisfy the curiosity is to attend the Sabah Fest 2011 event at the Sutera Harbour Magellan Grand Ballroom.
Or maybe there are someone out there familiar with this traditional dance. If yes, please share it here...
Interesting...isn't it? We read, watch, learn and think we know all about our culture, tradition or tribe but the truth is there are so many things still uncover. The deeper we dig, the more we want to know. It is not a force for us to learn and know our own culture but it is more to responsibility to prevent the culture lost in time...


  1. x pernah dengar pula istilah mingkung ni

  2. wow nice info ni ngam utk ko kawin nnti..:)

  3. i wish i can go the Papakang Sabah Fest. mau juga tingu smua ni live kn.. :) thnks for sharing

  4. tarian yang selalu dipersembahkan oleh kawan2 yg berbangsa kadazhan di sini....

  5. The fest kicks start on Sunday, 1-May-2011. Unfortunately that's the same date as the Opening ceremony of the State Level Kaamatan in Tamparuli. Would love to attend it tho, maybe will make sometime to visit the booths.

    BTW, lets visit Tamparuli for the Harvest Festival opening. It's not too far from KK.

  6. Ya sya sukung si stella, ngam utk ko khawin nanti..ehhe


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