28 June, 2011

Kuching Rushing Trip

Sumandak in the house :) 

How are you all doing? 

Finally I have the chance to update this long PAUSE blog (~~) Alright, last entry I promised to shared my Kuching rushing trip. Anyway, I cannot write it in a crazy style because I am not crazy enough right now (@@) The reason for that rushing trip was to accompany my baby brother (he definitely will get mad if he saw this...hahaha) to register at UITM Sarawak.

flying with AirAsia, now everyone can fly :)

Call me 'jakun' or whatever but frankly speaking that was my first time ever travel by air. Of course I am nervous and scared (hahaha). The reason? My brother said I watched too much and become obsessed with the Air Crash Investigation on Discovery Channel. And he was right (~~) During that one hour flight, I kept thinking that we will crash at any time...hohoho   

Okay, enough of that. 

After make sure my brother got everything he need and safely install in the hostel, me and Mr. M continue the journey to his brother's home. Although the journey took almost two hours and a half from Kuching, it was worth...I just regret that I didn't took any pictures of the scenery due to tiredness (hahaha).

Okay, I think that will be enough for now. Next entry is about Pekan Lundu. Stay tuned...


  1. next time fly to kl ye~ =)

  2. Saya sampai sekarang pun masih fikir macam tu walaupun sudah banyak kali naik flight mandak...

  3. Moi, macam tu kapal terbang tau2 saja ko mau ambil gambar hahaha!

  4. @Che Kay sister pun balik-balik tanya sudah :)

  5. @Malaysia Travel Blog

    That's why my brother said I watched Discovery Channel too much...haha

  6. @Wyne @ Mouren Mauve

    Hahaha...ngam-ngam dia landing depan saya (^^)

  7. hahaha!!!

    sometimes i think discovery channel really &*@#&!

    enjoy the big bird sumandak!

  8. @gadisBunga

    Ya (^^)
    Too much input into the brains, make you questions every move and action...hahaha

  9. hehehhe.. too much watch tv.. adoi... ^_^

  10. @CathJ

    Jadi masalah juga kan kalau terlebih...hahaha

  11. bkn ko ja ba yg 1st timer tu moy... ramai lg! lain kali, fly p kl k.. :)


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