12 October, 2012

Sundait KadazanDusun

Last month, my sister and I went to a book fair in Suria Sabah shopping complex. Our expectation for this book fair was very high, we thought there will be thousands of books ready to be picked by the book lovers...anyway, that was in our dreams only. I am sure whoever went to that book fair know what I mean (*_*)

Okay, forget about that.

the kadazandusun riddles book

The only book that caught my attentions during the book fair was this SUNDAIT KADAZANDUSUN.

Sundait is a combination from a words SUNUDAI (means asking for a riddle) and KARAIT (means to mention or guessing the answer for the riddle). So the meaning of Sundait is riddle.

Of course, there are a lot of Sundait books during the fair but this is the only one I found very interesting. Why? See what I mean in the picture below...

sundait kadazandusun

Every Sundait complete with meaning and illustration, including a brief explanations that related to the KadazanDusun community. The meaning are described in Malay, which is suitable for those who are interested to learn the KadazanDusun language. To be honest, I myself not quite understand what the Sundait means, so the explanations in Malay help a lot.

All 80 Sundait gathered from various regions throughout Sabah, meaning the is more...I hope in the future, the author will issue more Sundait book with translation so it will not lost it time.

If you are interested or need to ask a questions, you can contact the Kadazan Dusun Language & Cultural Centre via email address;

I am not selling this book. My intention is only to share something that might interest you :)

Have a nice weekend everyone (^_^)


  1. siok membaca ni oh..he he

    selalu dulu kan my late apaa kasi share sundait kalau kami time menanam n mengomot ni..dui sa rindu tu time o

    1. ya, time mitabang lah selalu orang bersundait supaya tidak rasa itu masa berlalu :)

      sama paling best tengok pertandingan sundait time kaamatan, siapa paling banyak jawab dia lah menang :)
      tapi tengok saja lah, susah mau faham soalan dia...bahasa yang dalam betul bah

  2. wah... bikin rindu sama zaman dulu2 ni ooo.. huhu bila la boleh p mengetam lagi ni.. (masih tahan ka i dengan panas matahari?) hehe itu dulu mau tanya la.

    1. Kalau ramai-ramai sama ngam cerita, nda rasa tu panas mandak :)
      Apalagi kalau sampai time makan, paling saya suka tu...masing-masing bawa lauk, punya siok share tu makanan :)

  3. Hi there sumandak Kinabalu,
    Im happy to read your blog...Only few of my sabahan friends who do blogging..mostly western ja yang memblog...guess they just don't have "padi field" like us to work on..
    Bah...thank you for your wonderful blog..really represent a trully sabahan culture..kalau boleh lebih lagi..hehe..



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