04 February, 2012

Tambunan Village Resort Centre (TVRC)

Sumandak in the house (^_^)

Waaah, it took me a little while before I can continue with the KK-Keningau-Tambunan-Ranau-KK trip! And I know it's been a while I didn't update, let alone blogwalking or whatsoever related to blogging thing...yay! 

Okay, Tambunan here we come...

We went straight to Tambunan Village Resort Centre (TVRC). If you want to know about what this TVRC all about, go directly to their website. Will you believe me if I tell you that it took 4 years for Mr. M to fulfill his promise to bring me here...sangat astaga! 

TVRC offers a lot of attractions for visitors during their visit here such as Rafflesia Centre, Mount Trus Madi,  Mawah Waterfall and Jogging Track (just to mention a few of it). For those who wants to experience a peaceful night, TVRC offers chalets made from split bamboo. When I was young, I always went to grandma's bamboo home and spend a night there. So, yes I know how it feels. No need fan or air conditioner :) 

Although TVRC offers a lot of attractions to be explore, the main purpose for our visit is to feed the fish. Both parties (I mean the fish and us) really enjoy the feeding frenzy...hahaha. So adorable you want to pick one and put in your bag (^_^) You even had the chance to touch them but can end up wet from head to toe. Looks like the fish loves to splashed you with water :)

Had enough feeding the fish? You can rent a boat and stroll around the fish pond. Time is not on our side although I really one to try one ride...maybe next time.

Unless you try other activities offers by the TVRC, there is little you can do here at the fish pond area but overall the experience was quite interesting.


  1. nice lah..blm pernah pigi ni tempat...:)

  2. Very interesting post about TVRC, I feel I need to pay this place a visit the next time we hold a convoy.

    The fish seem so tame just like those at Kg Luanti Ranau.

  3. Cantik oo tempat dia..mcm mau pigi saja...

  4. menarik jugak tempat ni! sini ada tempat mau tengok bunga rafflesia tak? :D

  5. cantik..itu ikan bah besar2 oh..

  6. Happy Valentine's Day to you too... So how's your date tonight...huhu

  7. 1 ja komen sa pasal TVRC ni.. telampau kicil.. tapi tu Kilang Tapai juga la paling manang kan?? :D


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