06 September, 2011

The Summit Trail of Mount Kinabalu

Sumandak in the house :)

Alright, seriously this entry should have been published long time ago...haha. Anyway, this entry will be a little bit long so ready or not here goes the full coverage of The Summit Trail of Mount Kinabalu. Before you start climbing, make sure you have the climbing permit, name tag and maps for the route. 

We start the climb at approximately 9.00am. At the very beginning everyone still in fully charged and very exited to start the journey. In my previous entry someone asked me how long it will take to get to Laban Rata. Well, the average time to reach Laban Rata is about 4 to 5 hours. It could be more or less, depends on your stamina.

The first attraction that waiting for the climbers is the Carson's Fall. Don't forget to take some pictures while you are still in a good spirit. Because believe me you won't even glance at it on your way back later...hahaha. Seriously...

From here the trail rises steadily as a series of rough, uneven steps, right up to the overnight huts at Laban Rata. Along the way there will be 7 shelters (pondok). Each shelter have toilets and untreated mountain water source. Means you don't have to bring large water bottles. Just bring the small one or one that easy to carry, since you can refill your water bottles at the shelters.

I cannot elaborate more about the shelters as I didn't take pictures or collect some details about it. I only realize it while I write this post (OMG!). That 7 shelters I mentioned are Pondok Kandis, Pondok Ubah, Pondok Lowii, Pondok Mempening, Layang-Layang Hut, Pondok Villosa and Pondok Paka. Looks like you have to do some Googles by yourself :) I will noted this and write my own details about each shelter on my next trip...

Our group began to split into groups. The most determine one climb a little bit faster (hahaha), the average stamina stay in the middle and I don't mind being in the last group (the most slow climber lah...hahaha). I will say that I was climbing in a comfortable pace. You see, you are not in the race so what's the point to climb in a hurry and afraid to be the last one to arrive? Why not take your time enjoying the surrounding that the trails offered? Look out for the pitcher plant, orchids and the famous friendly squirrels :)

Me and Mr. M have this quarrel on our way, can you believe that? hahaha...He scolded me for taking too much time taking pictures. My pace become slower because I cannot take my eyes away from the breathtaking surrounding!

I told him not to wait for me, no need to worry because there is Mr. Guide to watch my back. Instead Mr. M said if he was not around I will be the last person on earth to arrived at Laban Rata! Whatever lah...I still love him as he is the one carrying my backpack (^_^)

The higher you climb, the oxygen level become thinner. Thats why you are not allow or not recommended to climb if you have health problem. Not to mention the tiredness and aching feet. At some point the tiredness become so tempting for you to end the journey and move downwards. Anyway you can't give up that easy, just look around...take the stunning canopy that surround you as an inspiration to move on. Or look at the carriers doing the delivery service. If they can, why can't us?

After all that, we finally reached Laban Rata at 5.30pm! hahaha...the last second group to arrived. Oh never mind, I don't care. As long we manage to arrived safely. We meet the rest of the group at the restaurant in Laban Rata Resthouse. Waaah I like this, buffet style...don't worry, the food is included in the package so you don't have to pay for it :) Eat all you can, but I prefer to say that do it moderately. Someone in our group cannot make it the next morning, he got this stomachache. A price he have to pay after having too much meat (~~)

We checked in at the Gunting Lagadan Hut. The place was equipped with beds, blankets, electricity, running water, showers, toilets also a kitchen so climbers can have a nice rest before climb to the summit the next day. Anyway, I was not that happy...All of sudden, Mr. M have a fever and claiming his head is going to explode. I was like OMG, I know he was hit by the altitude sickness. Headache tablets may help but I have a feeling I was going to climb the summit tomorrow without him...

To be continued...


  1. entah bila dapat berpeluang join mendaki nieee

  2. rindu sya mau naik gunung lagi... akan ku daki lagi itu gunung kinabalu sebelum sya balik sarawak... mmmmphh....

  3. Nice photos trail and description to the summit of Mt Kinabalu. Looking forward for you summit photos soon :)

  4. @jeragang

    Suatu hari nanti :)
    Yang penting ada kemahuan...

  5. @Rose Ragai

    Ya, bikin ketagih kan...
    Bulan Januari tahun depan kami naik lagi :)

  6. A great post and some beautiful images. Well done.


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