08 December, 2010

1 + 1 = 10

Okay teachers out there don't misjudge me. What I am trying to say is 1 + 1 = 10 means Mum + Dad = 10 siblings :)

I was born in a big family. 10 siblings, plus my parents and grandma...means there are 13 of us under one roof. Can you imagine the chaos and the thrill? Hahaha...It was not easy you know, 10 siblings with a different behavior and needs. I am not sure how our parents make it, all I know they manage to give equal love to each of us so nobody feel isolated.

Actually, I want to write about my family but I am run out of words (hahaha). Maybe you should read about my family in Joan's blog. She is good with words...

I was really blessed to have a family like I have now. I was born in a big family, I have 10 sibling plus my parents so total, there are 12 of us. I was very ashamed to admit that I was born in a big family, but it was a long story in the past. Today, it is a different story. I'm proud to have my family, we are obviously a big family, but we love each other. One thing that I like the most about my family, when there are so many works or obligations in the house, they are like nothing. You know what I mean, there are a lot of 'manpower' in the family. It makes things become just like "a piece of cake' (Sunday BBQ by Joan)
Do you come from a big family too?? Lets share it here... 


  1. One bog happy family. Kami pun 9 adik beradik juga bah...kalau campur sya punya sapi 5 ikur..semua 14 lah..ehhe

  2. My hubby comes from big family too.. dorang pun 10 siblings!! Dorang2 ja berkumpul pnya la bising. Waahaha...

    Kami dua org ja... huhuhuu.. my mom side mmg semua pun sikit2 anak dorang... thats y kami cousin2 rapat dulu masa kicil until now but skrg ni bila sdh besar.. ada2 ja issue... hmm.. sedih betul..

  3. wow..ramai pula adik beradik! 10 org bah.. mine is 6..

  4. I must really salute your mom dad, it is not easy to raise 10 children, it must have been hard for them... thank god you guys grow up well

  5. @Gunsirit

    Sapi pun kena kira kah...hehe
    Kira ramai sudah tu kalau angka 9 :)

  6. @Just

    Saya boleh bayangkan itu riuh rendah...
    Isu apa tu, macam serius jaa...

  7. @Stella

    Ramai kan...hahaha. And I am the eldest :)

  8. @Eugene

    Thats why we thank our parents especially God everyday in our life...

  9. I was born in a BIG family and I'm proud with it! Hehe...

  10. Kadang2 ada juga rasa dangki bah sama urang yg ada adik-beradik yg ramai... siyok jak sia tinguk... kalau semua balik, misti bising macam pasar.... Nasiblah sabalah laki sia diurang ramai adik-beradik... bulih juga tumpang2...

  11. wah big n happy to see it :)

  12. sangat cukup korum nih jane..hargai keluarga besar.ada bagusnya tuh.memang hepi giler2 kalau berkumpul semua.


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