30 December, 2010

Family Day

Hello, Sumandak in the house..hehe
I know everyone is so excited because Malaysia win the Suzuki Cup and tomorrow is holiday! I don't know in your area but looks like the weather outside is not so cool. I think the rain will start at any minute and I hope the rain will not down everyone's spirit.

Orait everyone, I want to share our Family Day on the 26 of December 2010, right after Christmas Day. Actually it is called Feast Of The Holy Family. The feast usually falls on the Sunday after Christmas. If Christmas falls on Sunday, the feast will celebrated the next Sunday (please correct me if I am wrong).

We conduct a lot of games. Of course every games, there will be a winner. But that is not the main purpose in the games. It is about how well you can cooperate with your family members and to be aware that unity is very important to build a strong family. The rest is about sharing the joy, fun and laughter with each other...hehehe. Okay lets check it out...

- what are they doing?? -
Melastik (how to say that in english...hehehe). Serioulsy, I really enjoy this game. This game is a must in my village and this is my first time to join it. I don't know how is the proper/exact way to use the tool, I just 'hentam keromoh' hahaha...

- the target -

This is the target. I forgot to ask the distance but for me, it seem very far away...hahahaha

The next game is to build the highest tower using pipes. This game require creativity and cooperation. The organizer provide tools as pipes, pipes connector and plastic rope. So it is up to the family members how they want to build their tower.
- the tower, hahaha -
There also Puzzle games. This game also require cooperation between family members. The fastest family who can arrange the whole puzzle become the winner.  It is not easy you know because the audiences suppose to encourage you but it happens on the contrary. How can you focus when the audiences becomes so noisy...hehehehe 

See, most of the games require unity and cooperation between family members. That's why we need to support each other because we need each other. And remember, unity is important in every family no matter what kind of family you have. Without family, we are nothing (are you agree with me?). Do you want to face the world alone?

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  1. meriahnya family day ni. kalau i ada i taknak join games sebab tak terer. tapi nak jadi volunteer tukang buat air je. hihi~

  2. Our last family day at kampung was 3 years ago!!! Lama suda...siok tgk kamurang! Harap2 next year ada plan tu Uncle2 sa buat keramaian keluarga lagi.

  3. happynya melihat..hahahhaaa

  4. Wah, ramainya yang join majlis ni. Ada acara sukan lagi. Memang meriah dan mengeratkan persaudaraan...:)


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