29 December, 2010

My Christmas Story

I was supposed to write about My Christmas Story today but my head is throbbing like it will explode at any minute. Seriously, this migraine is killing me!

So lets the pictures do the talking today. I just want to say that my Christmas Celebration this year is a little bit gloomy. I mean, Mr. M’s father just passed away and I think it’s weird to be over-happy even though its Christmas Day and you should be super duper happy but...I just can’t.

- Christmas in purples -
This year, my family said the color is purple. It is an easy color because every shopping complex loaded with this color, so there is no problem to look for the dress or clothes. Okay, Christmas is not about new outfit. Mum said, there is no point to wear new clothes when in your heart nothing is change. Means, you still keep the hatred, cannot forgive and forgive. She's right...  

We spend Christmas at the church. There is Lucky Draw and a show we name Togung Got Talent. You know, kids are the most happiest person on Christmas Day. You can see their smile from ear to ear...hahaha. Cannot blame them because if they happy, you will happy too :)

- Nemo, Ellen's sweetheart -
- busy, preparing the Lucky Draw -

- Jude, the Magic Man -

- Gegirl, singing Kasih Yesus -

- Just our musician, playing Yujian and Twilight -

- Clinton, showing some talent...haha -

- Magic Man, in the making -

- Phillips family, singing We Are The Reason -

- The G Family -

- Blackberry Phone, pujaan ramai...hahaha -

That Blackberry phone, the hottest stuff on that day...We are (I am) disappointed we didn't win it. Seriously, there are 5000 pieces of tickets inside the box. Everyone have their chance but there is only one the luckiest person...hahaha. Next time lah kan :)

- Sumandak -
- Tanak Wagu -

- Mr. M and Sumandak Kinabalu...hehehe -

Orait barait, that's all about my Christmas Story. Thanks for reading and for waiting patiently for the pictures to upload...hehe

- mums -
Last but not least, a special million thanks to Mums aka Mama-Mama for preparing and make sure everyone got their meal :)

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  1. Still...I can see smiles, laughter, happiness and of course love during your Christmas. Ok bah nie. Lebih kurang air batu campur saja kita punya krismas...(^^)

  2. i miss xmas celebration di kampung ba ..

  3. sia plg suka tu part cuci piring! Hee...

    cuba kunu kasi terang sama sia yg blur ni.. apa kaitan ko sama c ellen ni... :D

  4. @Wyne

    Ya, lagipun semua orang mau sederhana this year sebab ekonomi not very good :)

  5. @Anne

    Berapa lama sudah tidak balik kampung?
    For me, celebrate Christmas at kampung lagi menyeronokkan :)

  6. @Just

    Mesti ko rajin cuci piring ni kan...hehe

    Me and Ellen?? Ko rasa?? hehehe...

  7. waaa! Terforgot sia mau wish Merry Christmas to my Sabahan friend! Aiyaa..forgive me, lupa mau ke sini sebelum Krismas.. Looks like you're having lots of fun during that day! I enjoyed those pictures too! Thanks for posting them up.

  8. purple is nice...!

    hey, you and mr M look so much alike. jodoh kuat ni... :D

  9. Wow nice xmas you have there. I have been thinking, I never heard of Kg. Togung. Mana tu?


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